Oh, Biology (From the Disney Channel Original Movie “Freaky Friday”)

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Music video by Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Ricky He, Jennifer Laporte, Isaiah Lehtinen, Dara R. Moss, Sarah Willey performing Oh, Biology. © 2018 Walt Disney Records



Stephon Patterson says:

Hey like this song

Redmations Animations says:

This is kinda good and kinda weird

Chantel Fletcher says:

This is amazing

killer that guy says:

Nah this movie still dumb asf the song freaky Friday by lil dicky is still better than this shit

killer that guy says:

This song sucks ass

matino alston says:

Ahhh one of the prettiest girls on the planet

Leilani Darling says:

What. Did. I. Just. Watch.

Greg Silverman says:

i'm not sure if this was intentional but i honestly think they could have gotten better dancers

Jelena&Jerett Blanco says:


MC Wyman says:

Jesus, this is like the Reproduction song from Grease 2 but without any of the glorious camp value. And I don't care about whatever reason you use to justify it, it IS creepy how the mom is acting. Yeah I know teenage hormones are a thing, but the mom is an adult and has been a teenager before and really should know better. Also, crushes aren't purely based on physical attraction. It's indicated that the daughter likes this guy because he's nice and charming (even though we never see them together before the switch so it's really poorly developed), but the mom has never met him so her attraction to him is PURELY physical and that just makes things even more cringey.

Iamshooketh says:

This movie could never compete against the original

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