Biology Before Darwin: Crash Course History of Science #19

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You’ve probably heard of Charles Darwin, but before we get to him, you really need to understand how different people, throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, tried to answer the same question: “what is life?”


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cosmoruski says:

Jesus disagrees

Ahmad Shamil says:

There never is 100% proof of a theory. Even a hundred million successful tests and observations cannot prove a theory; they can validate a theory, they can demonstrate the robustness of a theory, but a single irreconcilable, reproducible observation is enough to show that a theory is not correct in all regimes, everywhere. This is likely true of all theories, by the way: that they have a range-of-validity, and outside of that range their validity breaks down.

Gille Louback says:

Looking foward for the darwing episode!

Jean Jasmine says:

John, where is the next part?

Nackster says:

what about Al-Jahiz?

Justin Loach says:

Loving this course! Thank you Crash Course team!
By the way, do you realise that you haven't put episodes 11 and 12 into the playlist folder?

AmyG says:

Wow! I didn't expect this, but Crash Course really heard our suggestions:
Hank talks more slowly and his vocals are better! Thanks, CC!

Rafael Molinar says:

I love how they glorify colonialism and slavery!

Rafael Alódio says:

As an almost biologist I really enjoyed this video, really well explained and edited.

Jakub Piatkowski says:

I don't mean to nitpick, but it should be "genetic sequence" instead of "genetic code" (genetic code is the manner in which nucleic acid sequence is translated into a protein sequence and it is for the most part universal — with a a few exceptions). Otherwise a great video.

Simon André says:

I was missing blumenbach but other than that the video was great!

Sandra Dermark says:

When you say "post-Revolution Republic", does it refer to the Directory, post-Thermidor coup?

spiderlime says:

i'm afraid that you forgot to do a segment on lucretius, pliny, stenno, and other early thinkers about evolution in the west.

Sid Zil says:

This is 999th episode of Crash Course series….!

Wolfsgeist says:

Whoa, huuuge jump from starfish to human there ^^

Fredrik Dunge says:

5:50 The Apostles of Linnaeus. Says a lot about the man that he was essentially being compared to Christ.

Fredrik Dunge says:

Before watching… Linnaeus!

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