Why is the cancer that killed John McCain so deadly?

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Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, took the life of Sen. John McCain. CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus joins CBSN to discuss what makes the cancer so deadly.

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Donald Trump says:

Why water is wet.why the sky is blue and whats the meaning of life

Ani Murphy says:

Because brain cancer is very difficult to treat?

Free Alex Jones says:

Nobel peace prize for the cancer

Double D says:

Thank you god for cancer, very nice of you

Steve says:

The doctor made a few truthful statements which is actually quite surprising given that the interview took place on MSM aka fake news. 1. Your immune system is the only sustainable defense
2. Chemo destroys your immune system so the cancer comes roaring back and kills you

C gatz says:

karma wasn't taking no for an answer

WarmWeatherGuy says:

Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971. Billions have been spent on research. The problem is that we give research dollars to those who think that only a man-made pharmaceutical can fight cancer. You saw it in this video. They can't easily get cancer drugs past the blood-brain barrier to fight the cancer. Why not figure out what nutrients are needed to fight the cancer? Cells know how to fight cancer but can't when they don't have all the stuff they need. Google cancer and (iodine, vitamin D, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin K2, or magnesium) and you will find that supplementing with those can reduce your risk of cancer. Try it. Just Google cancer iodine to see what comes up.


Did he even try try the polio virus?????

Thomopolus Rex says:

My brother died from brain cancer. Medullablastoma. He was supposed to die in 2006. But he died 2015. The extra time was due to cannabis.

Lyon Dynasty says:

Place ur hand on your Head and say Cancer die in Jesus Name and it's gone. Cancer is name but the Name of Jesus is higher than Cancer..

601salsa says:

there is a new study for protocol diagnosis using cat scans that is apparently more effective and detailed than an MRI. perhaps if theycombine that with the multi laser thing that burns the cells away at the focus spot or even proton beam therapy….. perhaps that would help give doctors more time. I really hope they find a way, no one should have to suffer through this disease.

Bruce Hauge says:

I hate that when they use the word win or lost their battle. Why can't they use the world succumb. This is life and death not a sports game or an election or a church raffle.

juan alt says:


wayne p says:

Ted Kennedy, Beau Biden, John McCain. hmm. i wonder if the dose directed at Joe Biden was actually eaten or drank by Beau Biden. we will never know just like the holding back of the JFK files as it would incriminate somebody still living is the reason for the hold back. who the heck would be incriminated. that is the real conspiracy that nobody in the media picked up on.

white Ass says:

They can Stop this. To much money to be made in Resurch. They need X amount of people to die each day. Life insurance policys do the Math a ton of money coming in from Dead people. Continues every day nice Cash flow. $$$$$

Cathy Heard says:

How was it he didn't lose his hair or eyebrows fr treatment, chemo???

chargerfan2 says:

Next week. Why is water wet!

Optimus Dime 10 says:

It's so deadly, he only lived 90 years

JM says:

McCain was a traitor, guilty of multiple crimes against this nation and her people. He did have cancer, but insiders state that McCain was tried by a US military tribunal court and ruled guilty as charged, then executed for his crimes. All the hoopla via the media was part of an agreement for a man to die to have his last wish granted – that was to protect his family from knowing all his crimes, and to make him look like a great man worthy of praise. The TRUTH is out there, and it won't be long and it will come out for all to know.

Nitro Express says:

didn't Ted Kennedy die from the same type of cancer?

ZeusRaiden says:

Why is it deadly? Uh…because it’s CANCER in the BRAIN.

Luigi Bianco says:

Why is multiculturalism foisted on EVERY White country and ONLY on White countries? Why aren't ANY White countries permitted to maintain their own race and culture? This is not done to any non-White country.
Assimilation and integration are foisted ONLY on White countries.
They call this anti-racist, but the end result is the elimination of only one race, the White race.
Multiculturalism is a codeword for White genocide.
Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

John Gault says:

Can we nominate it for the peace prize?

Mikko Ainasoja says:

Everything is trying to explained by human wisdom, and that's why peoples dies in cancer. This things are also in hand of God, but who truly reach him today when we have this "marvelous" science, and everything we try to fix with money. And so this word is fulfilled also in our time

"22. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools," (Roman 1)

God is real and God can help peoples, who truly reach him?

Tom Jones says:

Cancer Industry never cures cancer, just controls it. They are pitiful. Loves to spin the stats too!

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