How to Design 1 Logo In 3 Unique Styles

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Hey design superstar champions. I hope your weekend was fun and rewarding. Today I am continuing with day 19 of the 30 day logo design challenge. This video gives three unique styles you can adopt for your next logo design. The first logo design style I create is the modern and minimal logo. This kind of logo style does not take up much space, only has one or two colors, and generally is simple. The next logo design style I created was a more detailed and colored version of the simple logo. A detailed version can have anywhere from 3 to 8 colors all at once. The final logo style I use for this video is a vintage logo style. These generally have a badge shape outline. The typography for vintage logos usually includes custom type or sans serif font with very slightly rounded edges. This logo style is usually on a dark grey background with the logo or type in a light yellow, gold, or grey. I hope you enjoyed the video and get some inspiration for some new styles to use on your next logo design project!

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The red one is amazing!

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If you could only speak properly. Its like ur high.

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Whats the site named

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This dude is stoned bro

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No bull this guy sound high and I love it

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Your laugh is weird

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woah you have 2 different colors for your eyes!?

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You are a Logo god, :O, new suscriber man!

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h o p i t a l

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bruh 2 different color eyes that’s dope

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Looks like a pair of nutsacks. Would rent hotel

Darron Smith says:

Bro you are fun and hilarious!! You are also an awesome designer. I liked them all but the red one stood out! They need to let you have a design show teaching young ons design! Hint!

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The first one u made looks the best for a hospital

RattyCZ says:

1st Nice
2nd Ugly font
3rd 11/10

Leonardo Caccam says:

Hello sir can you make a slow tutorial that i can follow plss :—(

Frankumentary says:

Adobe DC LOL wish I could meet you in person someday and collaborate, since I am a designer myself. Your series has always been my favorite among design channels! Keep them coming!

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