U.S. and China Trade Conflict Already Showing Up in the Global Economy?

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The Money GPS says:

Do you think a trade conflict between US and China will cause a major disruption in the global economy?

James Pollard says:

I cannot believe in this recovery, either.

hbk711x says:

baltic dry index peaked in 2008, then reality set in. just on indicator!
2:20 dry ship chart flatlined at 08.
global air and sea reight has declined, global stocks also went down 14%. only fangs are up. most markets and banks in bear.
china freight index down. hong kong , shangai hai singapore all were at high in 2017 or early 2018 then declined.
global container vessel speed.
maersk line layed off 2k-3k workers.
think about the industries around an industry like if oil is good, people are coming in to the hotels and restaurants in that area, but if the cheif industry in that area goes, then business may go down!
detroit has been trying to change! but they are reliant on the old industry, the car market isn't what it used to be,, cars are over seas.
someone might say i am in the restaurant business not the car, but it may effect the flow of customers that were there for that industry.
this can also effect the shipping and any industry. these are general economic factors!
David says if he wants to know about stockholm sweden, syndey etc. he can find data online and ask the subscribers and post info and now people around the world on this channel can get that information and its informative to hear the people and then combine with the economic factors!
Dave says i am a student, ppl here on youtube say they are experts and gurus, no humbleness.

us manufacturing pmi.
us manufacturing had a high in 2018 but had a decline, from 08 had a big decline, after all the stumulus today still high. oil is still fairly cheap, everything connected with it should be cheap but not. oil was 30-40$ from 100$ but it didn't stimulate the economy at all with that spare money!
us and china on a stand still. export and import industry conflict. domestic can only go so far, rural chinese go to the city. and not much left in usa rural. this economy needs more and more consumption.

Nicoy Badresingh says:

Goods move faster on land than by sea an its cheaper only if people have to ship by sea or air they will

Nicoy Badresingh says:

A.p moller maerks is one of the biggest shipping line in the world an when u see them laying off something is wrong

Nicoy Badresingh says:

China one belt one road will hit ship industry

Matt Portnoy says:

I live near several large steel mills AND a major water shipping hub.

Things are very busy here, lots of production and steel getting shipped both by land and by water.

Truth says:

Dow 26,000 Nasdaq 8,000 SUCKERS!

tek brick says:

Bear market or Trump market?

ppns2726 says:

Focus on Mexico and Canada now instead of China. China will be the last to make a deal. First Mexico, then Canada, then China. Every country will make a deal with the US to make trade fairer. Each time it happens, you will see the markets go up. Think of it as what domino will fall first. It will be Mexico.

Janni Batsilas says:

Soon we will get a Goldman Sachs share for 20 Bucks 😀

TheWeecheng says:

Hello Guys, does anyone truly know why did Dryships inc stocks drop from 1.3B to 5.0 dollars today? I read it somewhere that the rose was due to reverse splits to ensure listing in nasdaq. How true is this?

El Ociofilo says:

What should we do, should we buy gold and silver and wait for the worst, or we need to buy other things??

Shawn says:

I should have listened to you about buying Apple some months ago when SNB and others were buying, trading at 218!

Black Knight88 says:

China is actually trying to increase it's population in Tibet. There are a few hundred thousand that have migrated there recently as well they are trying to build infrastructure so they can get in and out in a military scenario.

Jose Pantoja says:

Perfect example look Puerto Rico with 936 tax relief to big corporations like pharmaceutical , manufacturers and etc. the island was depending of this .

Mike Parry says:

Good. Localisation not globalisation.

R Arbuckle says:

China's in trouble. With parents abandoning their children to work in the cities, no one is raising their kids. As these kids grow up, this will become a drain on China's productivity.

burningtwig says:

Hey, how come you are not flying the plane……????

B H says:

It sure is weird how buildings continue to go up, corporate profits continue to go up, goods and services still get to the guy with his 7 shares of Amazon now up over 50% since David started using that phrase.

Νεκτάριος Νάνος says:

"The Money GPS: Guiding You Through An Uncertain Economy" and "The Money GPS: Global Economic Collapse" are great books!!!

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