You should be a marine biologist if…

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Why should you or should you not become a marine biologist?
Marine biology is an incredibly exciting job with a lot of perks, but there are also some downsides to it that many people might not find very desirable. Nevertheless I hope this video helps you getting a glimpse into some of the things that come with the job. 😉 Enjoy!
Would also love to know about your experiences and advice

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Sea&me - Marine stuff with Maria says:

This video is all related to a career in academia which I suspect is where 99% of the still working marine biologists are. There are marine biologists working in private institutions and things might be a bit different there, but these jobs are usually much more rare. Just wanted to give yall a heads up 😉

Alpaca DIY says:

I’m going into middle school and don’t know what classes to take because I want to be a marine biologist. And your videos are soooo helpful

PeaceLoveDolls16 says:

So wait wait wait I'm confused.
I love science and the ocean, and I'd love to spend a bunch of time learning about it. I want to explore and discover new things, and I think that Marine biology would be the perfect job for me to do this! However, it is not my only goal in life. I've wanted to be an author since I was like, 5. I kind of figured that I'd be able to do both; be a marine biologist, but then when I get home from work I can continue writing a book as well, you know? Plus, I'd also like to get married and have kids. I want to be able to have a bit of a life around marine biology as well. Plus, I am an only child and I need to have a stable enough job to take care of my parents as they get older. I'm fine with it not being super stable, but I need to be able to, say, pay for medications when I need to. Can I still do all this while still being a marine biologist? Lol I'm so confused- I'd love it if you could help me! Thanks!

Thomas Hosken Art and Wildlife says:

I definitely want to be a marine biologist here in Australia.

A little Gecko says:

I want to be a marine biologist, i've always been curious about sea urchins, and there is so much of the ocean that has not been discovered yet.

SteelStar7 says:

Thank you for all the videos !
I'm French but I try to understand what you're saying 😉
And by the way, you have beautiful eyes ^_^

Madeline Olivia says:

What a great channel!! Keep it up! ❤️❤️

Shawn Martin says:

Where are you

Olivia Cuthrell says:

I love marine biology and your videos make me want to be a Marine Biologist even more, and your so pretty.

Yunishcorn says:


Eddie Green says:

one day my friend and I were jet skiing in the middle of a lake and the person I was sharing a ride with made a sharp turn and I fell off and was left behind for a GOOD couple minutes. The feeling of being out there was one of the most intense nerve wrecking moments in my life. I’ve thought about going into a field like this but also about how I felt in that lake and then about how I would feel on the ocean. However, I can see myself falling in love with this life. What I want to ask is in your experience have you encountered dangers along the way? If so what kind? And also did you have any fears of the ocean? Sorry for so many questions I’m just curious to know the perspective of a marine biologist!
Thank you for your time and Best regards.

Lucy Spencer says:

Would it be difficult to have a family as a marine biologist?

Morgan Tomlinson says:

I’ve wanted to be a marine biologist since I was 8 and now I’m almost 16 and some of the stuff you mentioned was like “oh well that’ll be fun *sarcasm voice*” because I know some of the job won’t be exactly thrilling but I think being able to find ways to save the ocean and its inhabitants would make up for all of that:) thank you for your videos; they really give me clarity on the job.

SamanthaNicole X says:

This has helped me so much thank you x❤️ .P.s. I love your necklace

Emma Lynch says:

I love marine biology! Even after everything you said I still had a huge crave to become one. love you!

Julie Ann says:

That dolphin necklace is amazing! Where'd you get it from? Also I'm so excited cause I get the oppurtunity to go to dolphin camp this summer and learn more about the ocean and dolphins with other people that share the same passion as me.

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