What is Environmental Health Science, and why should you care?

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An introduction to what’s cool and what’s important about environmental health science.

For more information on Environmental Health Science, check out the University of Michigan EHS department website at http://www.sph.umich.edu/ehs/

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Brian Thompson says:

Just a thought, why haven't there been any recent innovations in the environmental field in the last decade or so? Did everyone just give up? Or are we all looking in the wrong places for answers?

diego joaquin says:

risk bites. hahhahahaha!

masterimbecile says:

How about the transportation process? What modes were used (i.e. trucks, trains, ships, etc.), and were the apples properly stored during transport? How were the apples cleaned after harvesting? Do the stores selling those apples offer a clean and safe place to work? How about the factory and the farm? Did the apple use any artificial coloring? What are those and what do they do to our body?

Ahh I swear the world is out to get us!!

Kyle Lastely says:

Environmental Health is for a bunch of pussies.
All of them are nothing but a bunch of weak, bat-shit crazy Libs that over think, EVERYTHING.

Koppa Dasao says:

Oh, just bite it, damn it!

Ben Roberts says:

I feel like I could show this video to my mom and she would finally understand what I am studying. I think these videos are great!

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