This Portfolio Got Me Accepted Into Design School

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I thought it might be of interest and help to people to be able to see what goes into the portfolio that got me accepted into design school.

Hope you guys find this helpful. 🙂

Read My Portfolio –

Simply Clever Toys –

My Brother, Matthews Channel –


Bella Hamilton says:

What application did you use to design that watch? and what school did you get into? congrats xx

Mehrnoosh Khorasani says:

I wish I could see what wrot underline the picturs ?
Cos I dont know what to write

Tracy Osborne says:

Nice video. Thanks for posting.

ifedayo ojo says:

thanks Myrin, this helped

T gh says:

Why did you choose this major? Im considering it, and what are your advice and insights about this major?

hamideh azimi says:

which schools give fund?because i should get fund

hamideh azimi says:

that was great! i have a question, i wanna apply for character designing, my work are characters that i have designed and life drawings that i have drawn( i can draw figure imaginary, live figure and by their images) and i know body anatomy , i dont know how can i manage my portfolio, how should i start? with my characters or my figures? how should i explain about them i my portfolio i mean my characters are not items to be used,so how should i explain about them?

Bansi Chovatiya says:

I am stunned!

Calvin_nch says:

I just want to say thank you as you are a huge motivation to me

Cool Sairam says:

Your intention is Great! and yes video did indeed help me to understand what portfolio should look like. Thanks a lot..

Deanna **** says:

Awesome videos!! What options did you take in high school? Does it affect you when you want to join AUT industrial design? Thanks

Melvyn Lin says:

I love the way you edit your videos! The background music is awesome and your personality is great. 🙂

Robin Schwartzburd says:

Great job! Thank you for sharing.


I'm sorry but if someone already knows how to do all those things than what's the point of getting into school? I'm sorry, I'm Greek and in my country design studies are not very development or it might be that we're not so much educated on it. It's just that… I was hoping to learn all these amazing and cool things you show in your video but it just seems too overwhelming to know how to do all those things before getting into school. Where did you learn all these skills?

Iulia i. says:

Great work ! Do you have some advices for a portfolio in interior architecture departemnt?

Meow Glab says:

How old are you? How did you have time to create these products?

Vivi BB8 says:

I'm studying industrial design here in Mexico! Definitely didn't have to build a portfolio to get into my school (here in Mexico universities usually don't ask for one) but still I find it necessary to have one just to evaluate myself as I progress. Loved this video.

David Mozaffari says:

Thank you thank you! I study industrial design in tehran university branch of central tehran and its my first year. You showed me the doors!

Joey Wong says:

Amazing again to see this when I'm preparing my portfolio! Actually if I have no design background before, do u still think showing skills are important as well? Another thing is, how do you choose what school you want to go? have u heard about Design Academy Eindhoven? :))

Louis Cubillas says:

We just had a University Fair here in Dubai AND AUT HAD A BOOTH! WOOT WOOT!

Cyrus Lomibao says:

Hey Jacob, did you go to AUT straight from highschool? You're the only product design student that I see vlogging. Your videos and the stuff you guys do at school are cool!

Giang Quang Vinh says:

Do you know any good industrial design university in germany ? Cause i am really interested in studying I.D in Germany and any tips would be awesome , thank you Jacob

Amber'sView says:

Great video Jacob! Very Inspiring to see 🙂 Keep it up!

Brandon Challen says:

Thank you for sharing these videos! Your portfolio is wonderful!

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