Best Of Team Radio | 2018 Belgium Grand Prix

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A wet and wild Saturday and a dramatic Sunday on the track and on the airwaves at Spa. It’s team radio best bits…

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Luuk Jansen says:

McLaren even slower than before, unless it flies.

DavieDrum98 says:

I love Vettels radio celebrations. He earned that race win

NYRangers928 says:

How many points did Bottas get on his license for the Vandoorne incident?

Alexander Saltykov says:

Oh no, they've killed Kenny scratched the floor. Bastards!

Bad Bobby Z says:

Stupid pit crew. A world champion is telling you to stop so you wont damage the floor and you keep dragging the car like an asshole. If he says STOP 5 times you stop. FFS.

Amar Singh says:

E: Stoffel, is the car ok?
S: No!
E: Okay, carry on then. It's normal.

SimuGamer says:

Vettel, u cant sing

Michael Kwon says:

I hope Ocon gets a seat in 2019.

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