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Today 5 useful tips for designing your next MINIMAL LOGO project. If you love minimal logo design, you need to tune in to todays video, because my tips will really help you better your logo designs, and better understand what makes a minimal logo design work.

I have made quite a few logo design tip videos on my channel, and I know that a lot of my viewers are either avid logo designers, or up and coming designers. So, if you DO want to see more video tutorial just like this one, where I show you tips on specific logo designs, simply let me know in the comment section below 🙂

If you found this graphic design upload on minimal logo designing enjoyable or useful, let me know in the comments section and drop a like on your way out. Subscribe to stay updated to all of my uploads and until next time, design your future today, peace

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Almas Khawaja says:

I don't understand why would anyone hit the dislike button?? Anyways, thanks for the video once again!!

Muku Mia says:

Dear Thanks you so much i learn a lot of from your all video …… now a days you are going to make better video contained valuable tips really nice nice and unlimited excellent ………… can you make furniture logo … we need thanks

Chaze Graphics says:

Yes, always start in black and white.

Arnaud Mez says:

Came right on time.
Minimal Logo Design tuto to fix us doing the design work, sometime we tend to do too much complex stuffs !
Thanks and Blessings Tom !

usama mughal says:

your are great man

nadun pulathisi says:

thnk you bro!

Hotel Valentino BD says:

Yeah! full of comments, full of likes.

phil ifydus says:

You have been real source of inspiration for me as I'm new into graphics design…
Please how would come up with a very good portfolio for myself since I cannot afford a website for now.

phil ifydus says:

You have been a real source of inspiration for me as I'm new into graphics design…
Please how would I come up with a very good portfolio for myself since I cannot afford a website for now.

Thomas Kiilu says:

Great tips Sir…

Bernard Williams says:

Great tips on creating this type of logo design. As always, have a great day Sir Tom.

Mark Smith says:

I love the negative space logos.

Muku Mia says:

unlimited excellent video thanks a lot

Joky Bones says:

But is a simple Logo less money Worth?

Evy K says:

Very informative. I always enjoy your videos. Have a wonderful day.

Roula Al Merie says:

Thank you again and again

sai vaibhav says:

Nice video,thanks for the tips

Hiro's Arts says:

6th and 25th comment!!

Khmer Drama UPDATE says:

Nice Teacher

Satori Graphics says:

Tomorrow I have a technical tips video within Illustrator, so stay tuned for that!
The drawing tablet has ARRIVED – the giveaway details will be given on Wednesday

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