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Ok this is my video rant about not losing weight. We all heard breastfeeding helps you lose all the weight but sometimes you don’t sometimes you gain weight. I share some truths here lol

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Hi my name is Vera. I’m a Ukrainian housewife and a first time mom and enjoying this new adventure of my life. I have been an Early Childhood Educator for over 8 years and have now decided to be a stay at home mom. My channel is mostly about being a mom and sharing new ideas, tips and lifehacks, but I also will share ideas such as art and activities to do with toddlers and preschoolers. I am passionate about organizing and keeping your house clean so you can check out home organizing video hacks here as well !!!


Alexondra Something says:

I weigh more now than when pregnant, exclusively breastfeeding, cut out sugar and quit smoking…….. still gaining, while eating less in general and more fruit and veggies than ever……

MommyMakesPinteret Carisaa says:

Ps I’m a new subscriber. Please check out my nursery tour and channel 🙂

LJ Tymchuk says:

I think you need to remember that sometimes photos don't tell the whole story so even though they might lose the weight fast in their body, there still could be other problems

Tatas Family says:

I feel ya in this. My body is the same exact as yours. Gained so much weight while breast feeding because I was super hungry all the time.

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