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In the comments below I’d love to hear your experience with holding back because of your illness. How will you overcome this in the new year?






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katieo1979 says:

You will need :
1 or 2 Cantaloupe
2 (1) gallon ziplock bags
Slice up Melons into the size of ice cubes! Put in Freezer style Ziplock bags and freeze for at least 3 or more hours. This also works with watermelon and grapes even strawberries. Frozen fruits that contain mostly water are the best thing for you when this intense inflammation happens. Home remedies are the best cure all, however I do use Meloxicam if need be. Us fighting Lupus or Fibromyalgia have to deal with this inflammation so what better way to deal with fire is to not just put water on it, but ICE, ICE, and more ice. It kills it literally you just have to be patient and let the fruits and moisture do its job. I also use blocks of ice packs on my chest or body for long periods of time. Go to Amazon and look up Nordic Ice and you should find these white packs that are basically like 8 x 10 or smaller … these packs literally last up to 8 hours!!! I will put one on my back at night and fall asleep. I get the best sleep with those packs and by morning if all goes well I am almost pain free! Almost lol! If anyone needs more suggestions please respond and I will try to help.

Liberty West says:

I’m in the process of elimination as far as diagnosis but I have gone to the Er because of this and basically they told me it was anxiety to calm down and leave !
I know how you feel – waking up every few hours for days on end – no sleep and the pain ! It’s horrible !

Chloe Rose says:

I struggle with costo too, it is so shit and so hard to explain it to others 🙁 the struggle to breath is the worst, especially when trying to sleep. </3

thatcrazyguy K says:

I know how u feel my mom has lupus and some days I would have to help carry her to go to the bathroom cuz she was in so much pain

Shirin Kale says:

how to sleep what is the best position for sleeping i cant sleep its damn painful

Judith Nieto says:

I know this was a while back but I have lupus and I was experiencing chest pain in December and it turned out I hade liquid near my heart. But the pain was hard. I’m only 19 and have been diagnosed for 1 year and it’s been an in and out of hospital experience. Just trying to get my lupus under control,but I love watching your videos thank you!!!

heather mills says:

You're such an inspirational and strong woman. So sorry you're going through this, it's a horrible disease. I have lupus nephritis and have been having bad shortness of breath for a month half now and also chest pains. I'm following up with my rheumatologist soon to see what's going on with me. Thank you again for posting about your journey cause now seeing this video I don't feel crazy or anxiety as I have been not knowing what's going on with me. Hope all is well. Stay strong, Heather

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