My 140lbs weight loss with intermittent fasting

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I’m back! And I’m skinnier than ever haha!

I’ve decided to bring you all along as I finish the last leg of this journey. I have lost 140lbs so far and I’m not finished yet! With intermittent fasting and running as my tools, I’m going to finish what I started and hopefully motivate others along the way!

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Omar says:

You have an awesome personality and are really good at this youtube thing, so please keep the videos coming.

I'm done with my first week of OMAD. Currently at 285. I lost about 5 lbs the first week. Really hungry M-W. Suddenly on Th hunger gone which was great.

Liked, subscribed, notifications on….I eagerly await any wisdom you have to pass along.

ivi122 says:

You’re so pretty and I love your spunky personality!!! ❤️just came across your channel and just wanted to say you look great! I want to start running at races. I did a 5k a few years ago and loved the feeling of competition maybe bec I never did sports growing up….I jist signed up to a gym too bec I need and want to lose weight. I have always been thin my entire life. Now I’ve had two kids and being 44 I’m having trouble for the first time with weight

Bethany Jacobs says:

You are my new favorite person on YouTube. Loving this video!

Margarete Rougier says:

love your attitude. ..and yes, you were ALWAYS pretty…now you're PRETTY HEALTHY. ..good for you!

Bev P says:

On your omad how many calories are you getting in? I just started and I've been doing research and less than 1k in calories is supposed to be not healthy but it's hard sometimes. I thoroughly enjoyed your video and thank you for being honest! I'm subscribing!!

Patrice H says:

U miss ur calling u should be a comedian lol u give me hope with my journey

Barclay Lucid says:

I'm so proud of you! Your video story is so powerful. It's inspiring and full of great wisdom and lessons learned! I'm not ashamed to say I shed a tear or two when you said you finished your first 5K "dead last" and your family were crying.

J Brand says:

I've been vegan 5 or 6 months now, and wasn't losing pounds but I seen in inches ,but then I realized I was eating to many calories, food was so good and healthy I thought I could eat lots of it. Now I'm convinced iF is the way to go for us all I don't think we are supposed to eat three meals a day , the body needs rest and enery to heal. I was fasting for spiritual reason and at the end of the 40 days I had lost so much ,but I never notice how much I lose until my clothes are falling off literally. Diabetes coming into normal range blood pressure coming down was taking 3 blood pressure pills a day.but now I try to be faithful to vegan living still use butter 420 Cal for 2 teaspoons I believe.on lose it app . Occasionally my mind will tell me I want a piece of meat and when I have it I feel horrible physically vegan and IF is the only way to go for me thank you great testimony stay on your journey one day at a time

Jen Sale says:

Not all of us that follow keto are horrid i promise! The keto police are pricks though!

Judy Bennett says:

I think Keto people are ex Vegan people with the same judgemental, shitty attitudes because they are eliminating whole food groups!!!

A. J. R. Wilde says:

no overweight people are not pretty come on we all know that

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