Israel’s prime minister criticises EU aid to Iran

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Lithuania, one of Israel’s best friends in the European Union, initiated Netanyahu’s invitation to Brussels for a meeting with EU foreign ministers in December …

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D. Martin says:

Nutanyahoo is an unhinged warmonger.

jeremea jhone says:

love all Israel ……

Ryan says:

Isreal are cause of all wars in middle east, and did support medically to those ISIS terrorists were injured, everybody in Europe need to boycott isreali products until

(Crazylord) B € C says:

Long live Israel ….

Robert Giggles says:

The USA should bomb and annihilate Israel for the USS Liberty…

Robert Giggles says:

How is this mass-murdering NeoNazi criminal not hanging from a tree branch yet…?

Ulquiorra Ciffer4 says:

thanx you Israel

WR war player says:

Death to isreal and death to america long live iran and its allies

Farhan says:

war criminal is complaining about other country. Lol

rothschild war bank says:

Zionism is war and refugees . Killing people and stealing their land is a crime . Support BDS . 67 borders

Venimus, vidimus et Deus vicit says:

Israel = cancer of the world.

zoo judy says:

Bibi, just go home. The world is getting tired of your constant whining. You have created the mess your country is living in. Start living with integrity and serving with compassion and honesty for a change. There are many religions in the world, not just yours.

José Dourado says:

Netanyahu isn't friendly towards the European UNION people( jews included) so….

Navid Mahabadi says:

Charge Netenyahu with War Crimes like Milosevic. How is he any different?

Bob Marshel says:

BiBi , your babbling agian …we know all about you ……Feb 20 2018 HARRETZ , Israel Ramps Up Support for Syrian Rebels, 'Arming 7 Different Groups(various flavours of ISIS)

Jasper van Baars says:

why do you report this …? who cares! internationally Israel is not important and we all know their stance on Iran we have heard it a million times… so no surprises = nothing to report

Wendy Alexander says:

Netanyahu should remember her invites anti Sumerian into Isreali. He's under investigation for stealing money so is his wife.

LOWE sonia says:

You are a vile Person ; wish you and those like you would disappear.

Joseph Mosesean says:


mazlum dogan says:

Long lıve ısrael best country ın the world

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