Giuliani: People would revolt against Trump impeachment

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Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s attorney, claimed there was “no reason” to impeach the President and said Trump has been “vindicated” by Michael Cohen’s account.


Court Love says:

The continuous mockery of US politricks has to be embarasing lol he hired all snitches n corrupted officials he proved to be everything u mf are thieves and liars lol lol

lolly rod says:

fuck trump hope he dies soon of a heart attack….fat fuck…

Arthur Radtke says:

The American people will riot if he's NOT impeached!

412hwc says:

lol he wants em to revolt

Camera Obscura says:

Why even ask this delusional old crocodile? They're obviously threatened at this point, Trump crowds are getting smaller, and no one give a shit if he's impeached! The country will prosper better without all the illegalities, chaos and hatred these lunatics promote.


Hey Trump. I hope your whole fucking family goes down. Lock them all up. Douche Bags

Puggerino Pug says:

He's right.

hilda Mercado says:

Lol, more like we will have a party!

Keith C says:

I’m betting that people are going to riot when President Oompah Loompah pardons his convicted felon pal Manofart

Thomas Rose says:

Rudy is out of his ever loving mind he needs some medication immediately

The Manager says:

Giuliani is inciting violence from trumps base in this statement. How is that in any way acceptable?

Holly Zassenhaus says:

Trump is a criminal, and most of that is about to come out.

People who still support Trump are very much in the minority and seem to just accept anything he tells them.

He is ruining our country, and I think 60 % of the American people would go for impeachment or anything that would remove him from the presidency ASAP.

The Manager says:

Some might. And it’s those people we need to flush out of this country anyhow, so let them.

Andrew Stewart says:

Pretty sure there would be more people popping champagne bottles!

bluto212 says:

This is not going to end well.

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