First Presidential Debate: Al Gore and George W. Bush – SNL

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Vice President Al Gore (Darrell Hammond) and Gov. George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) face off in the first presidential debate. Gore explains his plan for a lock box while Bush struggles to understand the questions. With Chris Parnell. [Season 26, 2000]


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Megan Fitzpatrick says:

5:30 it fucking hurts him lmao

Jeff Spehar says:

Trump 2020, MAGA

Josh Gellis says:

Bag of shit Gore, Vs. total fucking retard Bush… Thanks to God for TRUMP! Gore is an interesting fellow, still stupid and yet, not a pedophile.

Nathaniel Shinn says:

Remember when snl made fun of everyone?

HonestLiberty says:

Shame that Gore didn't put how man made catastrophic global warming wealth redistribution scam in that lock box

Niccolo Parker says:

Why the fuck is AL Gore so goddam boring

Andrew Nibbi says:

I’ll admit, I haven’t been alive for even half of SNL’s airing, but with the information I have I’m pretty convinced that this is in the top 3 greatest sketches of all time.

Remey Rune says:

Too bad SNL is now just a puppet of the Democratic party. Better when they made fun of everything, not just a single party or man. This was pretty funny

noga 1 says:

who is the moderator ?

RonnyDonny13 says:

How the hell did Gore lose that election? Bush was such a fool

Wes McAshan says:

Glad he mentioned Lyme Disease. It suck living with that $@#%

Wes McAshan says:

Darrell Hammond did an amazing Clinton and Gore

Wes McAshan says:

"Lock Box"

Eric van Bezooijen says:

Good times! Back when I was sure Bush was going to be the dumbest President I would ever have in my lifetime — how young and foolish I was!

Under President Clinton, we actually had a surplus and there was discussion on how quickly the national debt would be paid off. But we elected Bush, exploded the deficit, had the Great Recession and then Obama had to clean up the mess. He got the deficit down 75% of what it was when he had started but then nope, time to elect Trump. The deficit will be right back to over $1 trillion a year very soon. Voters do not learn.

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