Black Salve as an Alternative Cancer Cure

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Is black salve (a paste made from bloodroot) safe and effective for the treatment of skin cancer?

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I wish I had more skin cancer videos. The Viagra and Cancer ( one was about melanoma, also touched on in The Best Way to Get Vitamin D: Sun, Supplements, or Salons? (

Black salve reminds me of the shark cartilage story: The Risks of Shark Cartilage Supplements (applewebdata://95AAE22A-259D-47B5-B5CC-295962146A68/ and Shark Cartilage Supplements Put to the Test to Cure Cancer (applewebdata://95AAE22A-259D-47B5-B5CC-295962146A68/

I also have some videos coming out about amygdalin/laetrile/”vitamin B17.” Stay tuned!

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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My Friend Dune says:

This is bad.

gorilla twist says:

black salve will cure all cancers.

Stacey Hall says:

I truly do not believe this treatment at all. I beat Malignant Melanoma by Mohs Surgery 6 years ago today! I had precancerous melanoma removed by surgery back in 2/2013 also.

Slap Stick says:

So, the patients chose the feel good snake oil salesman over the doctor that is a jerk. Then the patients (now victims) complain that the huckster fucked them over. I'll take the jerk any day. How did we get to this point where society has become a bunch of babies looking to be coddled?

Watchman Onthewall says:

It's important to note the differences between skin cancers. Melanoma is the only one that can metastisize, and therefore be life threatening. The other skin cancers that are much more common, esp. with age, diet, alcohol use and genetics are squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas. Squamous cells are fast growing, and relatively superficial; basal's are typically slower growing and can be deeper. It's important to remove these because they can cause disfigurement, but they do not metastisize. Standard dermatological treatment is non-toxic for all with biopsy followed by a scraping/burning technique, or deeper surgery, especially if in cosmetically sensitive areas like the face. Melanoma however is usually followed by the deeper surgery, and if it's spread to the lymph nodes or beyond, would shift to an oncologist for care. The point of my comment here is to show that skin cancers, except in the case of malignant melanoma, do not require chemotherapy or radiation, and so would suggest that allopathic treatment in this case would actually be the CONSERVATIVE route, over potentially disfiguring self treatments. But for warts, one can bypass the dermatologist and use over the counter preparations or even apple cider vinegar with good results if committed to regular treatment.

Karissa Brady says:

Black salve has helped many people, and it includes many ingredients, not just corrosive zinc chloride

The Witcher 3 Misc says:

Fuck you chemo shill, how much big pharma payed you?

George Carlin says:

Paul Nissan was on youtube before Dr. Greger promoting healthy eating. Pau Nissan used black salve on himself several times and got good results. Interesting that Dr. Greger, so data-driven researcher, didn't spend time contacting Paul and few others who used it successfully. Then after hearing horror stories and successful treatments dive deep into black salve treatments. And only then make a video. Looks like Dr. Greger is rushing forward to put more fresh vids out there without looking deeper. Sad.

Robert Smith says:

This goes to show you how people are so easily fouled by princes offering money or snake oil salesman with cures. Very evident in our current political environment! People, due your research from lots of reputable sources and not from the web sites that say your computer is infected with a virus, click here to clean.

fenton bevan says:

he hasnt deleted the mercury fish vaccine misinformation video, he just deleted all the negative comments.
here it is –
and here is the video showing he is pushing the cdc, cfr, paul offit misinformation and lies –
listen at 01 :30.

Flattlander Montgomery says:

I just watched your video about marijuana where you were very clear about how the pharmaceutical industry which is the backbone of the medical industry blocks the legalization of marijuana because it will cut into their prophets yet, in this video you seem perplexed as to why people do not trust doctors to treat cancer.

47retta says:

I have used it 7 times successfully. Only 2 spots have a very tiny scar. I watched my husband go through many painful and scarring skin cancer removals.

Eric says:

Curaderm BEC5 Skin Cancer Cream
Dr Bill Cham's Eggplant Cancer Cure

Low hanging fruit says:

Do a video on Gerson therapy while you are at it.

B. Robertson says:

Hmmm.. He is siding with doctors and big Pharma ?? How about a little Efudex on your skin ?

Barry Etherton says:

I have used Black Salve for over 20 years and have had great success with it.

Ajit Varsani says:

Those images put me off my avocado hummus. Yeah take that uncaring Drs had you treated me better than maybe i wouldn't have tried black salve and lived.

OldSoulWolf says:

Never heard of it. Scary pics!

Sharon Murray says:

Never heard of it, but WOW, I'm glad I know now! Ty

Eveline Hodges says:

Could you look into Curaderm, a natural cream derived from Eggplants? It was featured in ‚The Cure against Cancer‘…. I would love to know if it works!

PB&Jrunr says:

Is tea tree oil safe to use? Supposedly it's good for your skin. Only problem I have with it is the smell. My brother says it smells like ether.

Justin Cogan says:

So its like sulfurophane and all the other cancer causing plant foods

Cheryl Simon says:

I have had melanoma cut out 100%success, an basal cell in my face radiated 100% success and a small basal cell treated with cannibas oil, 100% success. If my skin doctor recommended cutting out the last one,I would have done it, but she couldn't find after the cannabis oil treatment.

Rita Wing says:

It's incredible that people would prefer someone warmly recommending total rubbish to a professional coldly prescribing a real treatment, but that's humans for you. Good to see a warning on any of these useless "alternatives". I'd be inclined to include the warning in the video title lest anyone who does not watch it takes away a false impression!

Jodie Rogers says:

This study of the evidence is so ridiculously biased.. how can you see both sides of the salves effects if there are NO studies to see the efficacy of the salve? The reason people walk away from the medical industry is because it is corrupt and money driven. There is no money to be made from black salve. So there is no interest in studying it.

Roger Went Raw! says:

I can't believe he's still looking for a cure for cancer, or we as a collective for this matter!! Doesn't people understand what causes it yet? Detox is where it's at, stop promoting nonse! Arnold Ehret's books are going to open anyone's eyes and they've been out there for about a century! John Rose, Dr Morse… The list goes on, don't plateau at this false knowledge and awaken at a brighter reality please!!

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