What If All Advertisement Disappears?

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The Ducklett Speaker says:

"Star Fucks"

The Rain of Poetry says:

This is Ok,I think in Websites Ads are sick, There we could see clicks turning to Disasters

Frytas says:

I didn' t watch it, but I think it will be about companies without ads will stop getting customers and bancrupt.

urtoo slow says:

Wait wait pause to 0:05 there a mobie named warcats.

cartoonimation says:

Arnold didn't loose his finger in this episode.

Feme Bleach says:

Than life would be easier not having to sit through 30 second ads b4 the video starts

Ehm Hehm says:

I love how this was so innocent and now this is so fucked up

Diego Eduardo Cervantes Bautista says:

In this Channel Meet Arnold have more Episode in Spanish Version no have all episodes…

CoolChicken_1213 says:

It wouldn’t really matter to YouTubers since all of their videos are demonetized

Steve Jobs says:

Lamborghini doesn't advertise
Because those who can afford it aren't Wasting time Sitting in front of Tv

Rhys Turner vlogs says:

It would be awesome

Katrina Jackson says:

"Meet war robots" MOTHERFUCKER

Rhia the skater says:

Strawberry smiggles

Myst ZER0 says:

Without ad people can still buy things but sites will disappear

Nuzhat Azim says:

First they say no but now yes

ferencXd says:

The Rubiks cube is impossible to solve.

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