A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A… Graphic Designer & YouTuber | Part One

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✿ The life of a freelancer…
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How old are you? My birthday is 23rd July 1995 – I’m 22 right now 🙂
Where do you study? I graduated from the University of Lincoln in May 2018
What did you study? I have a BA (Hons) Media Production Degree
What grade did you get at uni? I got a 1st Class Honours
Where do you live? I lived in Lincoln for university, but now I’m in Doncaster!
How tall are you? I’m 5’8.5

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Ajar says:

I would love to know your method on finding clients and how much you charge a client. I prefer to charge a flat rate…

Laura Pierson says:

I'd love to see more day in the life videos I'm super nosie and find them really interesting

Alicia Hrvatin says:

please do a vid for the wacom tablet, how u use it and stuffz like that! Thank you love <3

becky holford says:

loved this video i find what you do so interesting! xx

aimeeimogen5 says:

what is that little stand she has her laptop on?

Hell Cheesecake says:

In September I'm starting Illustration at Sheffield Hallam, this video is really helpful at showing me what freelancing is like!

Lucia Montes says:

This was really fun and interesting to watch!

Ben G Kaiser says:

Thanks for posting your daily life, its inspiring to me to keep going! It's cool to see you work in different spots throughout the day. keeps your mind fresh!
– Ben

wanderingmeg says:

Loved this video! I’m interested in freelancing now I’ve left uni so this was super cool!

Dan Galla says:

Loved seeing the graphic design side of things. To be continued AAARGH hahaha

Moll Durkin says:

i honestly find this field of work so interesting and i really want to do it!! x

ChloxBaldwin says:

Loved this video. As a photographer, blogger and doing a freelance journalism course this video is so helpful!

Emmi Goes Green says:

Amazing video. Would love to see more of them!

Zoe Bond says:

Loved this video, would you be able to share some tips on how to get freelance work?

12missmolly says:

Love this so much xx

Me, Simone & I says:

I'm loving this side of your channel Alice, so interesting!

The Donnellans says:

I really enjoyed seeing what you got up to! As a youtuber myself i really enjoyed seeing what you do for youtube and all your other jobs you have, super interesting

Kelly Winters says:

I love this 🙂

Lydia Hunter Durham says:

Hi Alice 🙂 fab video – just wondering whether you have a screen protector on your iPad Pro, and if so what brand? I find the Apple Pencil to be so sloppy against the bare glass ☹️ thanks x

Pink Puffle says:

I really love that you confidently spoke about your different incomes, I feel like it's such a taboo topic on youtube, so it was really refreshing to hear someone just say it straight! could you just explain how you make income from ordering photographs cos that really confused me?xx

Tasha Louise says:

I loved this video, as someone studying this industry,i found this super helpful. I would love to see a video more in depth with the tablet x

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