Huffington Post Bashes Vox For Reporting about Antifa Attack on Police and Journalists

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Huffington Post and reporter Chris Mathias Defends the Antifa Attack on Police and Journalists

People sticking hands in front of cameras:

Antifa fight with police reporter:

Laura French CBS photo journalist hit in head:

Cal Perry from NBC reports:

DeJuan Hoggard ABC reporter assaulted by Antifa

Tim Mak journalist pelted with eggs:

Vox’s Article:

Christopher Mathias of Huffington Post tweet:

#Antifa #FakeNews


The Red Elephants says:

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Astrid von Wolfe says:

ANTIFA are just a bunch of entitled college kids with chips on their shoulders who want to start a ruckus. I’m not even sure they know what they stand for or have even listened to anyone on the right…even an extremely reasonable Ben Shapiro. To them, right or even Libertarian views automatically get you the Nazi title. It’s OK for people to have different views, and if you disagree, talk about it, seek to understand and don’t hit people with bike locks. Seriously.

Christoper Dixon says:

I like to host an nazi book burning rallie that has a stage set up with a podium with the antifa flag draped on the podium with a big tv showing the rallie of them marching in a circle burning books chanting love trumps hate the when they are good and wiped up change the big screan to split screen to compair them to actual nazis so they can see for themselves what they are

Charlysteen Stevens says:

Too many of us stare open-mouthed in amazement when the Globalist Marxist MSM does something like the Huffington Post did in criticizing VOX for reporting Antifa attacks on police and journalists! Please, America, wake up! Learn: THE MSM HATES THE AMERICA YOU LOVE! Get it? And, WILL DESTROY IT DAY BY DAY AND BIT BY BIT. Conservative sites like this and others are all that stand in their way. UNDERSTAND that as awful as it may seem to you half of our population has been taught, in the classroom and out, to hate America. Making excuses for them or saying it's just an anomaly every time we see the HP, or any of the others, show destructive intent to Americans gives them more power. YOU have to speak up with your voice, with your wallet, with your vote.

Gy Bx says:

HuffPuffers don't send their so-called journalists to these events to my knowledge. They just print commentary from leftist Antifa supporter independent journalists or other media. HuffPost is the leftist version of Joseph Goebbels.

Marc B. says:

Leftists should continue their cheer leading Antifa. It encourages some on the fence to #Walkaway.

Boris de Best says:

Yes Red Elephants…. whatever you are doing… only fake accounts react That is realy sad.

Boris de Best says:

YouTube clean up your platform… this is Russian shit.

Boris de Best says:

YouTube this is Russian bullshit.

Boris de Best says:

You know haw many fake accounts have reacting to your bullshit? Some are kiddies. … and some with the greatings of St. Petersburg. Only shows how you betray your own country fool. And to be honest… The Red Elephants…. looks a bit like from a Russian factory.

Boris de Best says:

Why do only FAKE ACCOUNTS react? Kiddies in moms basement in there tighty whity shorts? Are you the creep guy for disfunctional kids.

Boris de Best says:

Fucking hell… what is wrong with YouTube… again this … whatever…. guy whining,… like a village idiot.

Boris de Best says:

Please YouTube get me out of this whining hell… was searching for real journalsm from Huffpost… You know the fake news… trumpfarts don't understand.

Boris de Best says:

Again searching for Huffpost on YouTube… and again this kiddy whiner.

Boris de Best says:

YouTube if i search for Huffington Post…. why is this loser asshole first? Who gives a crap what this whining wanking things… I wanter Huffpost stuff….. Not this losers?

Boris de Best says:

I searched YouTube for Huffington… and this crap is the first they gave me….. Fuck social media… Dude I think you are pathetic and sick and have not got a clue. But i realy wished YouTuba nazi search enging would not brought me to this whining loser.

willieboy3011 Jonas says:

Surprised Vox drifted from the media's script. Don't they know how to ignore Leftist violence? Remember Charlottesville and President Trump calling out violence on both sides. Media pretended they knew nothing about terrorist organization Antifa. They still do.

Aaron J. Howell says:

Perhaps, given they’ll continually be called white supremacists no matter what, huwhite proud boys should defend their people & become so.

Lizzy Beth says:


borgeslindu1 says:

i bilive BOLSONARO 17

T Rex says:

No such thing as "white supremacy".

Spicysauce says:

sence thier terrists when can we start shooting them . 🙂

Shockadelic says:

Don't they want everyone to know of their righteous revolution?

Tamarama says:

Making a public protest for a "meaningful cause". Covers face and or slams down cameras of even 'friendly" reporters who are spreading your message. Confused? Hypocrites? Scared? Lawless? What exactly is these people's problem? They do not make sense. In their message or their method.

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