US, China to restart trade talks

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FBN’s Kristina Partsinevelos and “Borrowed Time” author James Freeman on how China plans to send a delegation of Chinese officials to Washington to talk trade and how the Chinese economy is being negatively impacted by President Trump’s tariffs.


chris leonard says:

You can always tell when YT and its liberal fucknuts constituency is frightened, they pack a vid comment section with their trolls and shills. This is a victory for TRUMP and China knows it.

Universal Law says:

Awesome i hope the American people can have a 350 billion dollar trade surplus for a few decades like China has had…..great news…plus China should pay a few trillion dollars for all intellectual property theft….im excited..

Jeff Banner says:

Build It in America

Richard Lee says:

Take away US ability to print money, its over priced :consume and waste economy will be bankrupt, its over stretched and over spending military will go in the way of the former USSR military. Good for the planet and humanity.

Richard Lee says:

In real purchasing power China market is bigger than US, and China has more room to grow than US. Trump implement anti-China policies to protect US shrinking economy, China can implement anti-US policies to protect China growing economy. China have more to gain from US-China trade war.

Richard Lee says:

On the average, Chinese people work hard, study hard, they are smart. American people are lazy, don't like to study, they are less intelligent than the Chinese.

bobo lee says:

Americans think they so superior. Look at anti China comments. Chinese people have higher iq's than whites. Whites have higher IQ than blacks. Just as Japan surpass USA, so will SOuth Korea and China. The mongoloid race is superior.

Chinese people have always wanted to build better relationships with the rest of the world. Don't be begging for China friendship. Remember who shot first.

You USA americans aren't the good guys. Keep playing GOD and fall just like the Great British empire fell. No longer a super power. Continue the deficits and continue the budget deficits and continue the debt increase. You owe China 6% of your GDP which is 1.2 triliion dollars.

Nas X says:

First they huff, then they puff but in the end they'll kiss the King Trump's ring.

multiHappyHacker says:

What people probably want now is just to see the tariffs made permanent so businesses can invest and build competition for the low end products that are almost ALL made in China. Not sure what the Chinese even want to talk about, probably just hoping to keep the US market from treating the tariffs as if they are permanent.

Chandran Seeva says:

China good for monkey business

Stratosphere says:

Let China kneel, BEG and GROVEL at Trump's feet… but give them NOTHING!
China must be punished for its decades of stealing, copying and cheating.

Mary Milburn says:

Oh has trump stopped pouting ? This doesn't sound promising. He went bankrupt 5 times

g bridgman says:

The Trumpster has them all on the run!

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