$500 to $5000 TRADING Tesla OPTIONS – HOW I BLEW IT LIVE – Weekly Options – Trading Strategies

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What do you do when you see a trade, have good reasoning behind it, but don’t pull the trigger? What do you do when you see that very same option go up 1000%? This relates to my video on controlling your emotions while trading, but this happened to me today so I thought I would share it, and explain some of the logic behind why Tesla was a good candidate for put options this morning, and how the same logic can be applied to other trades where the stock gaps up on news that isn’t based too fundamentally and is shaky.

Let me know what you guys think and comment your options trading questions below so I can answer them for you! Also what do you guys think about 2 videos a day!?

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Ashleigh Shim says:

these videos are very helpful. thank you.

Walter Mercado says:

Cant seem to find the think or swim tutorial.

Mario says:

Do you always like to go like 8 strikes OTM?

RealizniguhNit says:

and BTW these same TSLA puts went to about 12.00 so it's now 500 to 12000

RealizniguhNit says:

It's simple. Trading Weeklies is akin to gambling.. So If you like to gamble then weeklies are great for you imo. I tell people all the time, If I'm going gamble (outside of sports) I'd rather gamble on weekly options vs going to my local casino to play the slots or card games, Those NKE 78 weeklies did great as well!

Robert says:

Awesome Josh! Thank you for these GREAT vids!

Kyle Newby says:

Thanks bro, its nice to hear your thougths

daniel mendoza says:

can you make a video about the prons and cons of a longer term option

Shahab Bayat says:

I hear you I missed the sell off too and was pissed but caught the bottom and kinda felt better hehe good to see you are back … hope all is well.

GGNglocksout Productions says:

Love these videos bro keep it up glad your back

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