2017 Belgian Grand Prix | Race Highlights

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Watch highlights from Spa as Lewis Hamilton – on his 200th F1 start – edged out title rival Sebastian Vettel to take the win…

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Hoàng Minh Nguyễn says:

3:50 So unplesant.


Fernando Alonso : “Embarrassing, embarrassing…”

Ashieq Rahman says:

This is 2017 this is last years race

Ashieq Rahman says:

70 laps in 2017 Belgian?

Or Sarusi says:

Why 2017 I thought I missed the race

XCVI Caye says:

For a moment I thought I missed the race and think back it’s not 2017 anymore

Nick Barone says:

looks so strange with no halo

Vylkeer says:

Why was this reuploaded?
Btw can’t wait for SPA on the 27th.

Dante von says:

Deberian tener bocina!!

Curious Cat says:

*Alonso shoves Palmer off the track.

*Alonso retires.


Charlotte Mooney says:

i think they reuploaded this video with the new graphics? Everyone seems to be annoyed about it but this might be the reason why they have

FauEfBe__Stuttgart says:

Reupload, they cash twice money. Brilliant

Jacky Beck says:

I like how did the Lap Board in The 2018 Version I like it 😀

Phillip L. says:

Forgot how beautiful the cars are without the HALO

Tim Galvin says:

The Force India drivers were such idiots this race. Why would you ever attempt 3 wide through Eau Rouge?

Andy Johnson says:

How can i watch live F1 with David Croft.. Our danish commentators is sooooo booooooooooriiing

Ofitus 21 says:

I so wish I could be there this year as well. Last year was an awesome weekend. A must for any F1 fan

Dimitris Savvidis says:

What a start from Nando .He is sure the best driver on the grid

bracikmen says:

I hope Kimi will win it this year

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