HEADING FOR BANKRUPTCY | SpookVooper Inc. | Software Inc. #8

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Our operating costs quickly surpass our profits – and Vusic doesn’t look to be the rescue we needed!

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Edited With Adobe Premiere Pro

Computer Specs:

Intel Core i7-8700k
NZXT Kraken x62
Corsair HX750i
Samsung 960 EVO
G.SKILL Trident 3200mhz RGB


Videos made with love. Long live Vooperia!


HOOVERCollectionfan says:

make more vooperia part 13

Gunther Memes says:

Tiger has the big gaty

Lucas Holland says:

There are no lights in the elevator rooms

Martin Echave says:

terraform titan

Martin Echave says:

terraform titam

Grant Hamilton says:


DAVID 222 says:

Hey i want San Voprisco And Atlantis !!!!

Sharkguy37 says:

The computers and printers and you have 2 small servers by the elevator to the underground server room

Sharkguy37 says:

It’s 1990 upgrade your stuff

Zegop Mcer says:

well its a far cry but is anyone generous enough to buy a total stranger a copy of this game?

Critical Duplicant says:

First of all Spike you need to reduce our employee count it's outrageous, it's not like you need more women to birth 1 baby it's like the same with software, you cant rush it with 1 million employee's that's just inefficient so you need to cut down on your employee's, or make more software in separate teams, so they make more overall money, teams are a big thing in this game and without different dev teams, employee intensive companies will go bankrupt!

Another thing spike, Getting a profit is not even about making good software, IT'S ALL ABOUT MARKETING

Also you only know when you're a successful company once you reach 1 billion, and get at least 1 million followers on each project

Sergio Pérez says:

And so, spook vooper inc grew and grew until it took over our governement and installed a fascist regime

Brayden May says:

Plz do more of these vids yiu and the game is amazing

Mr. Broccoli says:

Your sales for vusic are terrible because it is not on the new computer's

Sinaeb says:

One tip : You don't more more developpers than what the software recommend

Ralf Baler says:

Get new computers

Mr. Broccoli says:

Get the new computer's

Glubfun Gaming and More says:

Get 1990 computers

Eruropa Animation says:

Lets hope you don’t for bankruptcy because I love this series

Therainboweclipse says:

Spike I think I figured out the timeline of vooperia here it is
After you start the company it gets so large you buy many private space and tech companies—>Then you form the first colony on spook vooper Which was then followed by the evacuation of that city meanwhile los vooperis was happening (if I got the names confused I’m sorry it’s the one with the tsunami wall)—>The vooperians had bought the USA so that their people had a place to go —>vooperia begins construction of the capital (The one with the military base)—>world domination—>The hinted at stellaris conquest of the galaxy —>???

DaRandomDuo says:

You don’t need both towers yet

Chief_Sunboyz says:

Keep making great vids Spook! New Sub and already watched all your city skylines in 2 weeks! 🙂

Mr. Yelsew says:

Hi I'm a terrible YouTuber

Jim Ivan says:

How to become bankrupt with spike

5Play says:

why is not in HD?

Noah Riddell says:

Hey, hope you have/had a great day.

Mohit Agrawal says:


Now where is my medal?

Skygamer 66 says:

Hey spike love ur vids keep it up. HAIL VOOPERIA

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