World Leaders Are Worried About The Global Economy, The World Is On Fire – Episode 1585a

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Report date: 06.06.2018

Venezuela recovers its gold from Citigroup. Argentina is trying to move away from the central bank. The IMF is pushing austerity on the people and the people are angry. There are now more job openings than there are unemployed people to fill them. So then why don’t we see people switching jobs and want don’t we see salaries increasing dramatically? US productivity is declining. World leaders are now nervous about the global economy, after the G7 or the G6+1 meeting leaders say the world is on fire as the US pushes the agenda to destroy the central banking economy.

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Intro Video Music: YouTube Free Music: Cataclysmic Molten Core by Jingle Punks

Intro Music: YouTube Free Music: Warrior Strife by Jingle Punks

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Time is up

Time is up in my eyes for governments, banks and big corporations to make a difference in mankind's lives….
Self-governance as man on the land under common law of God is waytogo!
If you go eg the decentralized money route youi decentralize yourself out of banks, governments and big corporations though ….its a juggle between the two "worlds" but unfortunately you cannot have both…. you cannot serve two masters / systems (Scriptural) much less be a motivational speaker for  both……

Marilyn Mesa says:

Love the intro

Lee Francis says:

Why worry what's done is over. Start over remembering your faults.

proverb fletcherous says:

millions of Humans in USA alone already Homeless starving deep in Poverty and endless debt at bottom of this endless debt Ponzi scheme. as this global economy continue crash faster and faster. even more Humans that think their fiat money is safe will feel the heat.

proverb fletcherous says:

any one that thinks this global economy is not collapsing piece by piece can keep their head buried in the sand. This Unnatural endless debt monetary Ponzi scheme cannot function much longer. Debt is widespread city to city.state to state. country to country. printing fiat currency will only temporary maintain this dying endless debt Ponzi money scheme.

Dangic23 says:

DJT is one of them.
Now as Pres….he doesn’t talk about Saudi anymore, or 9-11, or the Federal Reserve.

Nicole Nichols says:

Trust The Plan! You are focusing on wrong things. This is why Nesara/Gesara will take over with Gold backed. It is crazy how much time you invest in this. Yes we will have to deal with having not much during this time. So there is a Plan! We will get our own money in DIVINE Timing. I appreciate your show on Political and geopolitical. But you are way off on crypto! I worry how much people are going to lose in the way of crypto. They are very nervous because we get money that has been taken away from us from guess who. So people need not worry! Let it fall apart FOR it is necessary for gaining control our own lives. We may have to bargain and share for a short time to appreciate what is coming. That is why we are being prepared to stock up for 2-3 weeks or a month. So it will not be a surprise and we still have time to do something about getting those things you will need. Behind closed doors it is and has been worked out. Love and Light! WWG1WGA 0010110 ♾ Prepare yourselves and hold on to the money you have or trade it. US money will not be worth much at that time but one can still bargain with it. Our time is coming! Real and True Freedom! And one day money will become obsolete as we become a more enlightened society eventually. We will be given plenty to live on. So do not worry. Of course sensibility and responsibility will be each's own. Debts will be wiped clean. Most anyway. New beginnings! A New start in the right direction. No one will be able to steal it from you or take it from you. It will be set up with all of this in mind. If interested check out Higher Self! The World is changing. We are having to step up to the plate and help and love others. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Love and coming together to make this huge difference is going to bring peace and love and healing to the nation and the world.

Gwen Henson says:

Companies do not want to give raises and many of these jobs are min. wage. A welder whom is specialized gets per diem rates for what he does. They wouldnt give him per diem and wanted him to work at a much lesser amount. He declined. These businesses do not want to pay a decent wage but want to make billions on wall street

Justine Clark says:

Dave guess you feel like Noah (The Ark) kept telling people but they wouldn't listen. While you keep saying the same things over and over the truth is the economy is going down. Thanks for the info. always a delight.

Mike Remington says:


terry shead says:

It will not be sdr, if it is you might has keep the gangsters there?

Noemi Arce says:

I love X22 Reports.  Keep it up

Zaveli says:

They are worried about the global economy, but what are they going to do about it? I think we are dealing with a lot of ghost employment because I apply to many job positions that I never hear from the employers. I just applied for a position last week, I am well qualified for and I live just down the street from the place yet I have not heard from the employer. If the employer is in such much need for a qualified employee why I have not heard from him yet.

BeTh3 Hamm3r says:

Does Trump pay taxes? I remember he was kind of bragging about not paying taxes.

Jill Thorneycroft says:

Is it any wonder the global economy is falling apart when the whole thing is a fraud and a lie. Legalizing parts of the system only leads to crime and corruption. The only things that are legalized are things that harm people, (unlawful) thus fiat money, Fed, bail ins and bailouts, even the sale of weapons to kill women and children have to be legalized, all so that the crimes can go on. They legalize because they know they are crimes.

J Willie says:

The fed should be burned to the ground with everyone in it.



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