Deep State Now Crashing World’s Economy – Here’s Why?

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Beastsaver says:

Well the RFID chip in Obama Care was mandatory in 2018.

jay45ecp says:

Angela Merkel is a hellish swordfish…talking about animals huh.

Stephanie says:


Joan Ramsey says:

Perhaps he is making sure he gets all the bad guys caught in the net ready for the new people in the Justice Dept. Also, the financial reset might be held up by the cabal to slow down Trump's plans. Think Deuchebank. Take heart, more & more countries are seeing the light – Greece, Italy, UK, Hungary, Mexico with possibly Spain to follow. Watch the Euro. We're winning the war, stay strong and pray that good prevails.
P.S. I hope Trump's visit to the U.K. goes well despite the loons and biased media reports. It's embarrassing being a Brit right now.

Lizzy Ruiz Wood says:

TV= idiot box ?

Cathy Munoz says:

Standing with you in prayer for America and the rest of the world to be protected and powers trying to destroy will be neutralized! Thank you!

Colin Byerly says:

Thank you, your reports are on target ! Hope to hear your reports as we awaken more people to the real news !!! Wow great information !

Michael Savoie says:

I hope you are to.

EddieTheMan2 says:

Wow! Thank you for this wonderful video! May God bless all of you! Peace and love! <3

David Kennedy says:

Race Mixing is called Fornication in the Bible. Half Breeds are called Bastards in the King's English. Any deviant sex is fornication. Bastardizing the Creation Jesus made is Fornication. My Father made races, He wants them unmixed. See Noahs flood, see Esau and his Hittite wives who were a grief of mind to Isaac and Rebekah. Hebrews 12:16 KJV – 16 Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright. The fornication was race mixing. His mother in grief disowned him and was willing to deceive him out of his first born birth right so a bastard would not destroy the lineage purity and cause God to destroy Esau, so Jacob could get the birth right. They sent Jacob to their Kin to get a wife. There are dozens of biblical citations against race mixing. Now you no longer have a cloak for your sin.


power corrupts and absolute power corrupts ab-soul-you-tly. and what is corrupted is the capacity to cognise the mechanics and dynamics of karma and dharma. it is only critical thinking common sense that allows one to have the soul knowledge and spiritual maturity so to traverse the portal of death into the greater mystery, the mystery revealed by the ancients who made the mounds and pyramids etc…… those who are hypnotised by their ego masturbation will experience for their very own unique individual living soul that which they have created for their fellow man.

Godtaughtmehow says:

The highest (lowest) level Luciferians (that control and misinform Christianity with Religion/preachers/rabbis/Imams) know what Jesus' real message was 2000 years ago, and that he would be here in person in the last generation (now).
They know he's here. They've falsely arrested Him twice and had to release Him. They are hoping that nobody pays attention to Him, which is working. Nobody is paying any attention to His message, that is the same today as it was 2000 years ago, and since creation. Only 144 thousand will believe who He is on the whole planet, and will DO what He tells them they should do to survive The Fire. The Luciferians know that most will burn with them which is why they are DESTROYING EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH. The Truth will be found by those who seek… and are humble enough to Trust the truth, believe, then do…

Amona Maria says:

Yes the whole world is deceived all of us. Father in heaven have mercy on us all.

Smart3DWeb says:

 … that said … we have cQme this far …

Q – The Plan To Save The World
Reaction to QAnon Plan To Save The World Video

Blessed are the PUREHEART for they shall see G_D.Matthew 5:8
… mustard seed …

G*tr8?ddv 7*#bc says:

Maybe trust the plan means ‘ trust in Yahovahs plan’

Teresa T says:

Trump needed to put his Judge in there first. He is monitoring the Drug trade. GHWB will kill him if he touches his opium fields, just like they killed JFK, MLK, RFK, JFK JR. Willie u need to THINK sometimes.

Christine Caney says:

All we can do is pray. Heavenly father destroy those who insist on destroying the World, God bless America and God bless Israel, Amen

josh mcdonald says:

hey you… RETARD! .. everything you need to know is right here…

Colleen Johnsen says:

The Plan is, there all going underground while we are destructed. All these step downs of CEOs my my. Then they start over, with their slaves they have. That's why they saved seeds in Antarctica. The Great Deception.

lesser known says:

I am immune because I wear an aluminum hat while the sun is out and at night I wear a cape. I like my cape!

Your College Course says:

Bill. I wish you had gotten a better education about race.
When they say Europeans mix with Indians, they mean by blood.
By blood the limitations exist. In mixed blood you get the gain.
Your racist remarks are the only thing I don’t like about you.
The Jews think that Christians are worshipping false idols and are therefore in violation of divine law and unworthy of respect as humans. Why do you flip the switch. I really wish you would study sociology and race so you can be more intellgent about racial relationships. Your racism hurts my life when people act on your racist beliefs. Please stop and bother to educate yourself. You are so good to do so much, but you need perspective to really be a man of integrity and not reinforcement for violent Aryans.

Deborah B says:

st6art by blocking these ads Gaia crap all over YouTube

Deborah B says:

Bill, to be honest you don"t sound like a man with much faith at all yourself. Keep your eyes on Yahusha – Jesus The Messiah. Stop studying Satan and hear from Yahuah!
We are in a war. Start with faith in our Commander! Your exprerssed faithlessness is negative. Double minded man!

David & Debra Ellis says:

Read the Bible and you will have the truth for your yesterdays today and forever. May God bless you so much in Jesus name .

Peace says:

They burned the opiod farm a few months ago didn't u know. As far as the spraying the Central Banks have to be radicated of course before that will stop not hard to figure out.

Thomas Jefferson says:

You dont want to "offend" the scum of the earth? Why the fuck would i listen to one fucking word anyone has to say about ANYTHING when spoken by someone that doesnt want to "offend" anyone?
Fuck you snowflake fearing asswipe

Pamela Cockroft says:

Place an IRS agent at marches to give out forms to declare amount of money each is making before they can march, then collect that amount then allow them to march.

John staub says:

They are determined to take over the HUMAN SOUL and Gain Access To The KINGDOM !

Curtis Vandenabeele says:

Praying can change the world. God bless

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