Joe Rogan on Cigarette Addiction

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Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell talk about cigarette addiction and the tobacco industry. From The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, JRE #1137. Full podcast –

Joe Rogan on Cigarette Addiction


Jared Anderson says:

What worked for me was smoking pinner joints of catnip, white sage, muilen leaf, white willow bark and spearmint. One or two of those a day whenever you crave most will only take a few days to make tombacco taste horrible. Dmt helps too.

Glenn says:

I'm not addicted. I quit before i can do it again.

Taurus Baurus says:

the start of this makes me want to go smoke now…. fuck

Smigarettes says:

My last cig was 5/10/2015

abhishek chatterjee says:

I dont give a shit about living a long life, so I don't care

XATAN says:

i just like smoking

ss 47 says:

wow…you have never heard of Kudzoo???

Rico Suave says:

22 from Fort Worth, Texas… this was oddly motivational to me

Hercules Brofister says:

the worst thing about smokers is how bad they smell. you can smell them from 5+ feet away. if someone had BO that ppl could smell from 5 feet away, they'd be hitting the showers so fast. but they probably don't know they smell like an ashtray.

Joe Ll says:

Joe got really wet with that kudzu reference at the end lol

YCM Cody says:

duncan could ramble for 2 days then turn around and not even remember what he said, he plants a seed everytime he talks

ronaldo says:

This guy clearly hates farming

OH AYE says:

Joe "the problem with cigarettes is that they're addictive" Rogan

Joseph Marshall says:

"The problem with cigarettes is that they are addictive." –Joseph James Rogan

Jim Bob says:

Think about it everyone started smoking because they either wanted to try it or to be cool.

Captain Howdy says:

im 450 pounds 55 years old and smoke 3 packs of newports.

Banting Gamer says:

lol cancer dodgers. bahahaha. i kicked the habit with an e-cig and then slowly diluting the nicotine. now i dont spoke at all. best thing every!

Joshua Bevington says:

It's all in your head just smoke 20 joints and keep trying I stopped smoking after years of smoking and it was easy but I didn't know what to do after just bored

Bucket of Wind says:

Joe "how dare you?!" Rogan

Jonathan Kosyjana says:

plant some real seeds too!

Burnin Embers Official says:

Anyone ever try nicotine patches??? I just put one on for the first time

Burnin Embers Official says:

I’m trying to quit now.

tyawesome johnson says:

Smoked a disgusting amount a day for one year. I’m now 17 days off and never again man…
quitting cigs was ten times harder than quitting painkillers

Bagelstorm says:

I smoked so much cigarettes on acid and my buddy quit, to each their own.

All Jello says:

He made that way deeper than it needed to be

Sean Baker says:

lol they're called consequences, it's not karma…

nerfermodder says:

Quit smoking cigarettes almost a month and a half ago.

Glenn Matthews says:

I want to smoke cigarettes. Its very disgusting, but i already smoke cigars and weed now. I want to try regular cancer sticks once, just to taste. But i really don't want to have a long lasting relationship with cigarettes.

Bo Jangles says:

I'm 19 been smoking since I was 13 it's extremely hard to quit because there's temptation EVERYWHERE it's insane. But I'm taking the steps to quit after realizing how it's effecting my performance in the gym cardio-wise. Used to smoke half a pack a day down to 5 a day gonna go one cigarette down every week until I'm not smoking anymore so next month I'll be done, well hopefully.

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