BAD Logo Design | Tips for Beginners

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Learn how what NOT to do when creating logo designs!
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Julian Ball / Flow Graphics


Lidoslav Jelev says:

Very informative!

sreejin vakkayil says:

very informative video…thank you

Grpisawesome says:

Could you do a series where you critique logos that are sent in to you? Could be viewers or businesses.

IRoNFX says:

Make a logo with art illustrator

Edüh. says:

I thought it was some tits

radu nicolae says:

great video,as always. to be honest with you, in the thumbnail I initially saw an alien face staring at me

UneBouleJaune / says:

You're the most informative and helpful, and your tutorials are really good! Keep up the good work! I think you're one of the best photoshop youtubers

Viptrax says:

I just saw a pair of tits and clicked on the video

Todd says:

Scrolling through my sub feed
See thumbnail oh cool stick people
Refresh feed
They some tiddies

Dylent Tan says:

Nice explain, thank you !

Seso says:

Very informative and helpful <3

Flow Graphics says:

To the YouTube employee that watches this video, the thumbnail is of two people dancing I swear that's all it is. You just have a dirty mind ;D

qutaDZN says:

M8 I wanna make a logo like one from kiritofx can you do a Tut on it

Scyon Raptor says:

You should do a series where you fix logos.

Gold Bennett says:

how do you cut it out the logo

Andrew Tan says:

Your videos are amazing 😀 I learn so much from you as I am growing as a designer as well.

Cytrus says:

The just whaaaaaaaa the thumb nail wth man why naked person

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