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Nowadays, companies are ready to do anything to draw attention to their products or services! They spend a lot of money making commercials with celebrities, they come up with cool, catchy slogans, but sometimes they go even further and create the most unusual advertising campaigns in the world. We are gonna talk about those today, and you, dear friends, watch our video and tell us in the comments, which of the campaigns you find the coolest and what product you’d like to buy. Are you ready to enjoy the masterpieces of advertising?


KarMarth Quintela says:

For that security glass proof, they should throw Nokia 5110 or 3310 at it hahaha

that one girl says:

Okay, if there was that much money in a glass case, you bet ur ass I'm gettin a chainsaw and a flamethrower.

jeppe pro says:

I am from sweden you should go there

I play pokemon Am i right lads says:

Get a machine gun and get a hammer and it will shatter

Brian Ortilla says:

So wheres the money in the mirror

Gohan Ultimate Mystic Saiyan says:

Where is the thumbnail pls in this video

Kong Vimolchalao says:

Best ads u asked? YouTube ads, keeps interrupting my goddamn video!

Moss Megladon says:

Hey look it's 4:20 on the phone (1:14)

Gary Ko says:

if I tell my boss I'm taking the front end loader down the road and I'm coming back with $3000000 believe me that $3000000 is coming back with me there's no way its not.

Shasta Wolf says:

Hm… what if I get that glass breaker from the orange bag in my school classroom???? It’s meant to break glass in case of an emergency.

ToxicBeast2765 6 says:

10:24 dat ass

take the moon says:

lmao just throw a nokia at it

darthrib 12 says:

To be honest id drive a truck into it and deal with the 2 weeks of jail time

FeralPuppy says:

0:17 what actress is that? I think I know her

Dreamers Pheanix says:

Just put a thermite charge on it

jb6167 says:

Run the money over with a car. The winnings are more than enough to pay the fines.

Namara Bhatiti says:

0:01 turn on captions


kevin garber says:

Do it in Delaware I'll get it open

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