Will India Lead the Global Economy in the Future- WGS2018

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India is already a global leader with an open economy, but there is still much work to be done in terms of infrastructure, education and health care, and especially in supporting small and medium enterprises. The challenge is to find jobs and opportunities for Indians, and this will come from start-ups and SMEs. For India to become a greater global leader, it has to think both rural and urban. The country is determined to become more global and foster an easier business community. Creating jobs for India’s youth means encouraging entrepreneurship and making it easier to launch a start-up.

تلعب الهند دورًا رياديًا حاليًا في الاقتصاد العالمي، إلا أنه لا تزال هناك الكثير من الجهود المطلوبة في مجالات البنية التحتية والتعليم والرعاية الصحية، ودعم المؤسسات الصغيرة والمتوسطة على وجه التحديد. واتفقوا أيضًا على أن التحدي الحقيقي يكمن في توفير فرص عمل للشعب الهندي وأن هذه الفرص ستبدأ من الشركات الناشئة والصغيرة والمتوسطة. ولكي تصبح الهند قوة رائدة عالمية، عليها أن تفكر على الصعيد الريفي والحضري على السواء وأنها عازمة على تسهيل الأعمال وتوفير فرص العمل لشبابها.


George Koshy says:

Why stock market down?

ankur pathak says:

When delhi mumbai economic corridor is going to start??

jerome clem says:

We the white folk will never let this happen….Brown men leading the global economy…we will wage a war….destroy the world….for ages we thought we are upper caste of this world !!!

melo fernandes da Costa says:

Of course!! Will be the second country behind China, USA will be the three soon.

Nobu Francis says:

"Work in progress" is a favorite line quoted by many Indians about India's state of the economy. This line was said years ago, stated now and will even be quoted in the future. True progress is an inclusive one where everone's participation is required and India has never demonstrate inclusive growth. There are many who are left behind in the road of development in India. We are a land were caste, community and religion takes precedence over all. The people who came on these shows are made of of a minority lot. They are from an exclusive club of industrialists and social movers and shakers. They are hypocrites who in reality want to hold on to business and resources along with the establishment made up of the politicans and the bureaucrats. In reality they stifle growth. The ground realities in India are left for all to see. India does not encourage enterprise. Business in India is concentrated in the hands of a few families who use underhand methods to achieve their ends due to their lack of brain power. This has been proven over and over again.

Lima Charlie says:

lol… full of themselves… good luck

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