The Truth About The YouTube Trending Page (W/ Shane Dawson)

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Jordanne Leigh sits down with Shane Dawson to have an honest talk about the trending page. Does the trending page really represent the popular videos on the platform? Is YouTube being paid off to feature certain videos? What are the implications of having an algorithm control what trends? All that and more in this interview. I have to put all of this in the description so that the algorithm with pick up on the tags and increase the proliferation of this video; it’s not because I enjoy summarizing videos using keywords… I promise.
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Noah Jimenez says:

I didnt even know that youtube had a trending page lmao

Ju Bean says:

You seems like the kinda girl who bullied all the loner kids in highschool.

Nexx 1 says:

Apparently a lot of creators who are openly gay are Demonetized. I never look at the trending page it’s boring. I check the home page instead.

Skye Pawl says:

i don’t even use the trending page to be honest, i just watch the you tubers i’m subscribed to

Ally Cat says:

Up and coming yet he has more subs… mmhm

Ham Mitt says:

About the question about are people actually looking at what's trending and the example with James Charles' fans saying congrats on being number 1 trending, When you press on the video I think even if it is in your recommended page it says under the video number 1 trending so it might not even be that people are going to the trending page. Personally, I didn't even realize before that there is a tab for "trending" since I usually get sick of what youtube is recommending since it's usually filled with the same kind of videos if I just got into a certain youtuber or style of youtube (example: animators, WatchMojo). So I then go to Subscriptions since that's what I am looking for! The people that I subscribe to.

LisaKat says:

This bitch tryna be relevant

Meme Mims says:

… I didn't even know youtube had a Trending page O_O been here for more than 9 years hahahaha I just went to the home page and the subscribers pages. It worked just fine for me for all these years (and I mean for each and every day in these whole 9 years) hahaha I guess I don't really need the Trending page 😛

Angela Fender says:

OK. Here is what I have noticed. Team ten and Logan and those people are for 8 year olds haha. While adults watch Shane, and bunny and J. Star. I feel like you don't need to trend because you are an og there should be an og categories

Mika Mika says:

I’m in Australia and the trending page is full of Bollywood/Indian tv clips with low views. Lol

Angela Fender says:

Up and coming?. Um he is an og. Like I have no idea who you are but I know Shane for years

Starving Boy In Africa says:

I’m glad Shane is never on trending

AVHD says:

I got to this video because the channel was on a sticky note in Publix

Cow_woC says:

I've never even looked at the trending page, but I'm about to now!

Emma Jensen says:

I never look at the trending page the only way I learn who is on the trending page because it pops up under their videos

Cherrie Luu says:

when u only watch this video for shane

Heavenly Controller says:

Did Shane just go down the street and collab with everyone in the neighborhood he’s wearing the same shirt on everyone’s channel lol

julia findlay says:

I probably sound like a bit of a cunt BUT

this girl ( Bobbys girlfriend) hasnt really earned this collab with shane shes a small channel with not much creativity i mean thoses slides before u talk about the next segments look tacky asf ANYWAYS i dont think its fair that she can just piggy bag off the success of her boyfriends soon to be short lived youtube career.

JigglyChocolateman says:

here for Shane

Emma H Dixon says:

I've never looked at the trending page, I spend more time watch videos of my fave YouTubers like Shane.

Amaya Rushton says:

I literally never look at the trending page i only look at subscription videos and recommended ones

Izzy Penapele says:

never go to the trending page… forgot it even existed

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