Top 10 Plays of the Night | July 10, 2018 | NBA Summer League

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Check out the 10 best plays from around summer league action.

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Roxwon says:

So many highlight blocks in these summer league top 10s. These youngins are getting more and more athletic.

Milan Stupljanin says:

#6 was travel

Elian Tovar says:

Should put the dunk of Anfernee Simons

Fucking says:

Weak #1 play

Noah Herrera says:

How is them at put back dunk no.1

Andrew Garcia says:

#10 was a travel says:

Specalular cucks for Jews

Lageon says:

So if Harry Giles has a great season are y'all gonna be like "he's not a rookie" to him too?

LIEX 440 says:

Yo is the rumor that's going around about rookie's being raped after their first game true?

julst129 says:

Lonnie reminds me of Donovan Mitchell

Tim Lettiero says:

Why is this gonna be better than the regular season?

AwkwardDrizzy™ says:

The Guy Face On THe Tumbnail has me dead

Coolc 619 says:

Amazing young talent

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