Giant Bombcast 540: Sailor Bruno Mars

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This week Jeff returns from Anime Expo with a travelogue you won’t want to miss, plus Pocket Rumble, Jan’s NJPW experience, the ArenaNet controversy, BioWare romance options, and one very questionable hoodie.
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Tie Son says:

All I see throughout this whole video is Jeff and a bunch of Yes-men. All nodding in agreement with everything he’s saying despite Jeff himself, showing that he didn’t even try to do research himself.

He clearly only read through the Kotaku and Polygon articles and called it a day. Both have absolute trash sources of information that twists stories to fit their political agenda.

Mister_Guillotine says:

For the love of God, just fucking read the conversation yourselves if you're going to "report" on it.

HE1NZ says:

This is why everybody hates the media and call them fake. Literally nobody is defending this writer, everybody agrees she deserved it, but ""journalists"" are UNITED in their defense of her. Same thing happened during ""Gamergate controversy"". Why the video game media feels it's important to distance themselves from the audience and basically crap on their readers every time I can't understand.

You guys cover video games! You can't be part of a "gamers are vile toxic bigots" narrative.

luciddre4m says:

1:30 Smash Bros. clones
4:50 Arcade cabinet key art discussion
7:45 Domain name antics including
12:59 Pocket Rumble
19:47 Octopath Traveler
24:25 Defiance 2050
37:40 Jeff's Anime Expo panel
59:50 Jan's NJPW experience
1:17:08 ArenaNet firings
1:31:56 Todd Howard on Starfield
1:37:00 Warframe coming to Switch
1:42:45 MHW on PC
1:49:51 Emails – Which charactes did you romance in Bioware games?
1:58:13 Do you care about PS3 trophies ten years on?
2:03:07 Game streaming
2:05:25 Shoe preservation with Jeff
2:08:38 Why aren't there any good monster truck games?
2:12:02 What are the most convoluted setups you guys have used to play a game?
2:15:06 Is Fallout 76's marketing campaign reminiscent of No Man's Sky?
2:19:11 Lumines Remastered's relationship to crypto-mining
2:20:28 Will we see a new Puzzle Fighter from Capcom?
2:24:36 Where are the AAA horror games?
2:27:19 Will Epic be able to direct its newfound Fortnite audience to a new game?
2:32:10 Should I or should I not wear a Sonic the Hedgehog hoodie to a first date?

FatKidWithFudge says:

Anddd this is what happens when you speak on a topic you gave all of a few seconds of looking into.


TheMrMadzen says:

I didn't think Giant Bomb would stoop so low down to the levels of Polygon and Kotaku with such misinformed information and downright lying us in the face….for shame. They are even ignoring the statement that O'Brien made to Polygon and instead believe in shitty clickbait smh.

elilla331 says:

Alternate title: Giant Bomb defends piece of shit who cheered death of cancer victim and attacked an important pillar of the GW community.

That Hellblazer says:

Ben mentioned looking for a game that is “The Crew 2 but not The Crew 2.” That game is Grand Theft Auto Online.

Tranquillado says:

Just like with the Alison Rapp bullshit, the two most indignant-acting guys are Jason and Brad. They're such phonies.

Toe that line, duders, to keep the socjus mob from digging into YOUR past.

SeanP87 says:

Epic fail reporting the Guild Wars 2 situation, Giant Bomb. Not impressed.

Iron Aikau says:

weary stare

thanks for trying to tell me what happened in GW2 without doing any research, my dudes 9_9

uncaringgenius says:

news starts at 1:17:30

Puttyngton says:

Defending Jessica Price is ridiculous. She's a terrible human being that is better off not working at ANet. Shame on you, Giant Bomb.

ThatLandonSmith says:

Why do literally all game journalists agree with each other when it comes to the news? Why is there no form of competition or attempt to do your job better than the rest of the outlets? Everyone just quotes and takes each other as sources, so when easily debunked lies like the Jessica Price story get spread around, no one is willing to admit the truth because after all everyone’s “sources” have been telling a different story.

sdajis dfobfd says:

Extremely biased opinion on the GW2's dev firing incident. She basically dug her own grave and you skipped all those tweets out where she harassed one of the players and called everyone "rando asshats".

stevie bops says:

Defending Price makes no sense. You can at least make a case for Fries getting fired unfairly.

But then again, that doesn't fit the media narrative of the damsel in distress from the awful, awful gamers.

N. Sabo says:

You guys are the most inbred incompetent chicken shits I've come across at the internet. Would have taken you 1-2 minutes to look at the original tweets and get what was going on. Instead you took some other cuntlickers words and just rolled with it. The only desperate people here are you, I hope your non-existent feminst friends will keep your undeserving asses fed cause the crowd you had is leaving…

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