Former Kavanaugh law clerk on Roe v. Wade concerns

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The fate of President Trump’s pick for Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, may lie with a handful of moderate Republicans who want answers about his stance on the abortion case Roe v. Wade. Former Kavanaugh law clerk Jennifer Mascott joined CBSN to discuss.


CastAway_Dave says:

He looks like the typical republican pedophile.

S Luzardo says:

Useless insight whatsoever…

Deb Peterson says:

the Liberal judges certainly "changed"-how about ruling in favor of abortion-totally against the Constitutional right to LIFE. The "right" for sexual unions between same sex people? Where did that come from? "sexual" "rights"? marriage "rights" between them? They wrote into the Constitution what doesn't exist. IT's heinous and evil and it all needs to be overturned and overruled. Come on America-remember your great and honorable beginnings.

RescueRangers OPES says:

I've read a huge majority of these comments. I join in with this statement. Each of us is given life to play out as we see fit. Each of us has a thinking ability called choice. It is no one's right to impede another from doing what they damn well please with their own body as they live out their lives in this existance. Period.

DucksDeLucks says:

He clerked with Elena Kagan?? Gee, that's reassuring.

Kealani says:

Whether we have a legal change or a culture change, our attitudes about life need to improve. I'm not religious, but at least most religions teach respect for life. We need to get that from something, if not religion.

None Business says:

wah wah wah….

Clay Coates says:


Daniel Loomis says:

Let's goooo ban them abortions

Steven Khosh says:

Precedents are not as important as the constitution. The constitution is the premise of the supreme court. Therefore the supreme court is supposed to overturn precedent which they deem unconstitutional. No matter how much you hate republicans, remember that hitler would put the constitution second as well.

adrshepard1 says:

If abortion is so sacred, wildly popular, and been under constant threat from Republicans since the 70s, why has Delaware been the only state to actually legalize it, and then only a year ago? There are plenty of Democrat-dominated state legislatures, and only in a handful of states would filibuster rules prevent a simply majority vote on the matter.

droug ridmen says:

Abortion is not a issue New drugs have been made into a pill to abort a fetus, We need Term Limits to remove Dum Democrap's

Emiliano Zapata says:

Richard Nixon was a choir boy saint compared to this diabolical TRAITOROUS imbecile! Just look at Trump's record and life – the con jobs – the theft from contractors through bankruptcy – the opposition to our traditional allies and the supporting of murderous dictators – destroying every single agency of the federal government with administrators unfaithful to the Constitution – the list goes on and on … now a anti-consumer, anti-separation of church and state SCOTUS pick! Hopefully he'll be impeached after the elections!

Ashley Steel says:

You really shouldn’t have those supporters on if they are just going to lie like that. His rulings are available to view but if you just watched this you might think he’s actually fair. But he has not been. Very pro business and anti citizen. Anti civil rights. Anti women’s rights. His writings and decisions show a substantial bias.

Doc Tom says:

After that ask why do we pay illegals elective medical bills? Send your Starbucks money to these illegals.

Doc Tom says:

Ask yourself if the world would be better off with a population of 15 billion or 3 billion?

Robert Bottoms says:

Schumer is just pissy that Hillary did not get to appoint a LIBERAL HACK like he wants !!!

me notyu says:

suddenly we want to pretend we care about activist judges?

Palace Of Wisdom says:

Men have no reproductive rights whatsoever, and there is zero concern about that, so I'm done worrying about women possibly coming a step closer to equality.

byron b says:

I dont understand why does the supreme court have to be so partisan, the law is the law right. Is there some type of special law for dems and repubs i just dont understand


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fractol says:

I wonder how many russian trolls are commenting here. I'm just wondering.

Joseph Sedita says:

Don’t interview these human Paraquats please

Lloyd Clement says:

With pilots like Crazy Pelosi, Pocahontas, Mad Maxine, Delusional Schumer, etc. It is no wonder the democratic plane is in a downward spiral and the flight attendant entered the cabin to ask if there is anyone to fly the plane. Crickets…LOL!

earnest 1212 says:

he didnt say he went to law school at night ,, he said his dad worked in the day and went to school at night ..

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