2018 British Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

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Catch up with highlights from a scorching Saturday afternoon in Northamptonshire, where Lewis Hamilton claimed a historic sixth pole position at Silverstone with the Ferraris of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen close at hand.

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DJ Time says:

Playstation 5247 got served!

JPF224 says:

Take a breath like damn

James Davis says:

if only leclerc and alonso were in top teams! imagine the epic fight we would see!

Giuliano di Staulo says:

0:360:40—imagine how good that would’ve looked without the fucking halo!

Miiattack says:

Hartley hatte richtig Glück

Gianfranco Pesci says:

perchè hanno penalizzato Raikkonen? è stato un incidente…la mercedes e la sua equipe ha rancori repressi per la Ferrari più efficiente…

UrAvrgAshen1 says:

from what i see Alonso don't use the car at full performance bcuz scared of engine failure

iL Potenziato says:

And Sebastian vettel winsssssss the british gran priiiiiiiiixx

Remi Guyot says:

The best commentator ever

MrLTD says:

I hate Hamilton, but for me he was the driver of the day despite his bad start!
Actually incredible to finish 2nd after crashing to position 17 or smth, he saved Mercedes ass today!
Then I saw him bitch afterwards in front of his home crowd and read he blamed Räikkönen for doing it on purpose…and I was reminded again why I hate Hamilton…

xooperz says:

Lance Stroll is so bad

Lusifa73 says:

Robbed by cheating Ferrari

18mikemcd says:

Raikkonen has seriously been stepping it up lately. Usually he sits around P6 or P7 but the past couple races he's been on the second row.

Jake Toth says:

I root for Haas because they are American.

Lean asa says:

comonnn vettel comonn

Kylie Annie Diaz Aero chord Hamilton says:

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton

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