How to prepare for Chemo Hair Loss – Get a Badass Haircut!

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Knowing I am going to lose my hair a 2nd time is a different shock. This time, I felt the need to take control. Knowing I only had 1 more day before supposedly starting chemotherapy, I called my barber friend Pasquale and asked if he could give me a Badass Warrior Haircut before my treatment. He agreed and made his way to the Jewish General Hospital. I felt fierce! That’s how you prepare for Chemotherapy!

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Noones Channel says:

Stay strong.

Sjelgjo Häörmi says:

Looking really cool 🙂
Go Girl!!!
All the best!!

Micaela Gonzalez says:

You are such a strong and amazing girl!!!!

Geraldine McArdle says:

Did u get more chemo

Betty tekekekle says:

naile baby how you dowing sis

Implacable17 says:

my dad is currently battling stomach cancer. i really want him off chemo but he refuses to leave it. he's had chemo for 3 months and his hair hasn't fallen off. hes taking a product called immonucal. im not trying to sell anything but this has really helped him a lot.

Toxic Helmi says:

life is tough when you stand up your gonna be pushed down when you are down your gonna be stepped on. But everytime that happens you stand up as fast as you can !<3 you are so tough Nalie and you are gonna kick this cancers butt <3 love from finland

Virginia Champoux says:

i didn'T watch this one at first because honestly, I was afraid it would upset me too much to watch you lose your hair, but man, you are a BADASS and how cute are you to sleeping in that bed together?!? Best boyfriend ever!

Tiphanie Worthington says:

noooo! so sad it's back. I was Dx in 2015 and watched all your videos when I found out. good luck to you. hair will grow back.

Tiphanie Worthington says:

noooo! so sad it's back. I was Dx in 2015 and watched all your videos when I found out. good luck to you. hair will grow back.

Shantell81CRNA says:

do u stay at the hospital overnight or somethinh

Denise Paulsen says:

you're just incredible nalie and you look beautiful with this new hairstyle. I love your choice of music. would you mind if I asked who it is? Thank-you. best wishes nalie xo

Wendy Drayton says:

Hi, good on you girl you take control. You look great. Continue being positive. Your going to win

Stone Rocky says:

Don't worry ur gonna be fine soon…

Nelia Eppcoo says:

Hi, I know you're going to be ok. I had a dream that you made vlog telling all of us you beat this.

74mackg Mac says:

Nalie, I have same cancer as you and just back from the hospital and signed up to a drug trial. My oncologist is really excited about it and said it is having amazing results on advanced er+ her2- Brest cancer. Check it out , it's called Palbociclib.

LilT Step says:

I am going through cancer at the moment, your videos have inspired me. I just want to say how brave and fabulous you are. You will fight this again x

Colleen Johnson says:

I'm a few years behind you with breast cancer. You were my hero through the my journey. Thank God I found you on 'you tube' ! I began with you 'turban tutorials' and have followed you since. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers during your journey lung cancer!! Love you bunches!

luvinlife225 says:

I don't know how I missed this! Beautiful!

Kidist Demissew says:

I want to share my story. guys when I had my cancer I was breast feeding my first baby and I had lump in my left breast and ignored it and it was big like golf ball. I was assuming it would be  a clogged milk duct….. which was not and I had so much confusion before I was sent to emerge. by family doctor. then the specialist I saw told me and sent me back to home telling me that he is 95 percent sure mine is not cancer. my tumor was like 5 centimetre. any how after a pushed my self to get to see a specialist….. he told me that my type of tumor is rare at first biopsy he couldn't tell if it was cancer……….. it is in Toronto by the way…… then other biopsy…….. now he said I will say it is cancer……… he was not Shure at all. and he recommended me chemo. I had to sent my cute 8 month baby to  back home to enable me focus on my treatment. even though I didn't want to take chmo I had no chance. I did………… I start to pray a lot. trying to connect with my creator………….. the only one who can know how my body functions very well. i told to some important people to help me in prayers……… I ASKED GOD TO HEAL ME………….. I do because I have an amazing husband and daughter. cancer came and………….but still I know every thing in our life happens for reason. which I am a follower. a true lover of my savior. i use to call Christians troops of God. they will beat hard, cut, bleed but still fight. so deep in my heart i asked God about this disease our century. and it is BEATING FROM the young to the old. it seems a generation curse. but i want to make a point here. WHAT IS CANCER, HOW WAS THE ANCIENT PEOPLE OVER COME SUCH DISEASE IN THE BIBLE. JUST TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX. for me what worked is God's healing power i refused to take radiation after 6 round of chmo. and my doctor was shocked and try to convince me. i said i am gratefull that God gave me the chance to be seen at the worlds best cancer center. But i will trust my Gut. our gut is a holy spirit!!! I DID MASTOCTOMY I SAID I WILL BE TATOOD IT AND I DONT NEED TO HAVE A FAKE BREAST. SOME TIMES I JUST WONEDER………….if God was the reason i got beat this cancer for shure i will start to tell people globally. what i saw in my deream before i had cancer was a big warning. i do really trust ways 'God will warn. and the angels. it is demonic attack. now naile have your shield you savior lord. he will fight this cancer. praying for you stay strong. God is the only one who can touch and make things fresh………… i have faith in my father. i love you stay storng and connect to your creator


that's the key defeat the odds I was told in July before I start chemo after 2 year survivor tnbc then told stage 4 only be stable if that I said in name of Jesus I received my miraculous healing im.the new statistics right before end of my 6 cycle before Christmas no more cancer im taken immunotherapy 2x a month on trial no chemo and trusting Jesus im heal no matter what scans come up on Valentine's day I choose to believe it be great in Jesus name praying believe same for you no offense

Hanne Acha says:

I love Argan life Shampoo and really happy with results. My hair does feel fuller and much easier to manage. In addition, i was worried about the customs sitiuations but i did not have any problem, delivered it in just 3 days to my doorstep. Won't regret!

TheOtherSideOfAlex says:

It looks perfect on you, and you are going to kick cancer's ass again no doubt! I am sending you all of my love and strength during chemo.

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