Funny Animal Fails | 2016 Animal Compilation from FailArmy

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We’ve been getting a lot of funny animal fails submissions so we whipped up a little something extra for ya. Remember to submit your videos at and let us know your thoughts down below!

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Anthony Armstrong says:

0:36 – I guess a girl would like a baby elephant.

Anthony Armstrong says:

4:28 – I find that one too cute – A dog with a pacifier.

Mya Brown says:

My doggs always fail st everything

divyansh bagde says:

3:10 what animal is that….

jeihann rayzen says:

R.I.P Gabe the dog :C

Sangita Das says:

The pig though

Cool Damian Kids Damian says:


Super Awesome Ashy says:

Me: Aww That Puppy’s Face Looks So CUTE!

Chelsie Purcell says:

Who's watching in 2018 I im

Colton Anderson says:

Most of these were in a cowbelly video
In the order they are here

Crystal Snow says:

4:29 No touching the child!!!!! From Aphmau

Crystal Perez says:

00:12 hahaah

J Gilreath says:

HAHAAHAHAHAHHAH! I loved the 1st one! the right dog stole all of that food for the others!

Dylan Silon says:

2:10 dog looks like he bout to rob the white house

Jefferson Sawyer says:

Once my friends dog was over and I was playing my computer and it started humping me..

Matalia4seven YAY says:

Why do they sit there and film there dog/cat with a bag or a cup on there face could suffocate them

Hudson Johnson says:

6:33 that guy shouldn’t of had his dog sniff that pike the dog was lucky because if he would sniff with long enough you would gotten his nose bit right off pike have razor sharp teeth

TheElder Zoo says:

4:04 made me laugh for five minutes

Strikegamer 2009 says:

3:45 hahahahahahahha the dog is funny

Creeper Gaming says:

Hi guys please like cause my tooth fell out today

Jedi Rachel says:

4:28 is super funny!!

Just A Real Otaku says:

So funny 😀

1337fraggzb00N says:

01:47 Wheel of Sloth ❤️

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