Cigarette Intervention

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A young man’s struggle with tobacco addiction. Matt’s disgusting life is profiled in this short documentary.


Patrisha Mathias says:

This is….wow

Moe says:

sooooo no nicotine so lets introduce you to some new addiction… ALCHOHOL?

Dinan F25 X3 says:

Is this a joke or is this real?

Raffy says:

this is what I go through every fucking day (except all the butts) this video is really funny but cigarette addiction it's not a joke, just show it to the kids. anyway at 5:49 I couldn't stop laughing

knexfan100 says:

Smoking is cool, and this guy has ascended because of it.

CMoney Mark says:

The smell of that house holy shit can you imagine???????

Marco Watson says:

This is good people stoping a public issue our society has I just wanna tell y’all thank you very much for this video y’all are awesome

ultraviolence says:

What the fuck

Loreto Astudillo says:

he thinks he's so cool… this is fake right?

ditc210 says:

Is this real

Hi igotmunchiez says:

He didn't have to slap the guy like that at the party

Christrulesall2 says:

Terrible actors. Awful editing and script.

Ellipses says:

11:58 "Get out of here you sick fiend!"

Casey 3-P-O says:

I watched this while smoking two cigarettes back to back.

Casey 3-P-O says:

That was so funny. Genius.

Alberto Fontana says:

This is real dude

Y S A B E L - G says:

No sé, Rick, parece falso.

Heather P says:

I am so happy I quit a year ago, lol!!

Heather P says:

Smoking 2 at 1 time?? LOLOLOL

Oreo 10 says:

Wow he smokes a ton of cigarettes

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