Zoology – Portland

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Transatlantic duo Zoology release laidback, sunkissed groove ‘Portland’. Emily’s delicate vocals flutter over Beau’s intricate fretwork, delivering a finely tuned sound that will soothe your soul.

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⚡Photo by Muska Hung

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Aurora says:

Listened to this while reading Oyasumi PunPun…rip

Isaac Blas says:

Beau i love you crack!

sheepfur1 says:

I want this girls' sweater, but nice song!

Aeiroq says:

2:52 should be music for heaven

MachineryInDisguise says:

hiatus kaiyote is that you…?

Kisha may Langkilde says:

This came out on my birthday and I didn't know WTH this is pure melodic magic

Kirk Raynor says:

I keep hearing diddy kong in the back

Jamison Sims says:

10/10 on vibes

90's Child says:

lyrics anyone pls ?

Marta Herrera says:

I honestly fell in love with their song Maroon but I feel like the rest of their songs sound very similar. They kind of all blend in for me. But either way, the artistry in their music is absolutely beautiful. Huge fan.

Tim Her says:

That ain't Portland

Umlokii says:

THEY NEED AN ALBUM I didn't know who they were but after watching your majestic session video I've been hooked every single song is pure bliss. I love maroon and this one Is sneaking up there as my favorite id buy the fuck outta anything the release just give me a 30 song album lol


Love the voice

JT HA says:

Is no one really going to mention the fact that this model / subject is wearing what seems to be a purse made of furbies? how tacky xD

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