4Ground’s Design Process & Future Plans

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Big Ben and Cad from 4Ground reveal their design process, upcoming projects, and plans for the future.

The guys have been busy designing new rules systems and buildings which they’ll be bringing out to add their extensive ranges of tabletop gaming terrain. In between the occasional segway from Big Ben we’ll also be hearing about the planning and challenges during the production process.

Do you have any concepts you’d submit to the guys?


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Hazdrubal says:

Mouse holing was first used by the British in Dublin 1916, got its name in Ortona 1943.

redgreen09 says:

neat stuf and good 4th to all yes i think ben a bust so fare think the 8th vid from a non USA place LOL

chadster873 says:

Justin, each is 80% of the total price, so when you have four buildings you have saved 80% of the normal price of the building, so when you buy the fifth you are in effect getting that one free…

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