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This video is about my Lupus update.


jay girl says:

Plaquenil is going bye bye for me soon

BlessedandHighly Favored says:

Everyday is painful but I’m not on any medication but I’m thinking about getting the blood work done

Sherly Smith says:

Praying all is well

Alisha's Southern Crew says:

hey sweetheart lord I feel like I'm hearing myself talking. I just started taking Chemo again but for my Harshimoto for my thyroid. Lupus is VERY difficult an yes flare up come from any and everything. I been off my prednisone for 6 weeks an my body caused me to have a thyroid storm so one will hurt the other having more than one chronic issues. one is enough Jesus. MY lupus affects my blood and organs, but my organs because of the Thyroid. its so confusing most time with trying to figure which is causing which. I'M PRAYING FOR YOU SISTER. I'M PROUD OF YOU SWEETIE FOR NEVER GIVING UP AN KEEPING PUSHING. I LOVE YOU SIS. I'm sharing your video in my YouTube playlist. ❤❤❤❤

buddafly kisser says:

hope you get your inflammation down, but I don't understand why your being taken off the 10mg if your constantly in flares? I understand your point of not taking the chemo meds since you don't have any organ involvement but the constant flaring is going to affect your organs after a while that's why is crucial to get the inflammation under control.

Lady E says:

Have you tried Benlysta infusion?

Starkishia says:

I love you sis! Stay strong and keep inspiring others to stay positive. I am so proud of you!

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