Trump’s economy and the upcoming midterm elections

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Adrienne Elrod, former Hillary for America senior adviser, and Gina Loudon, conservative columnist, on President Donald Trump’s economy and the upcoming midterm elections.



Democratic party is dying out – 2018 republican landslide coming

yukonjeffimagery says:

Democrats are the enemy of Americans.

Dan B says:

Fox, get your story straight. Fox has become increasingly bias, Won't be long and they will be another CNN. Notice every time Maxzien waters rant is mentioned, they are always mentioning the paid Clinton protester.

Bobo The clown says:

Mazine waters said it herself…shes an animal…

Brett Pittman says:

This is a perfect example why Fox viewers stay in the dark so long. The GDP has slipped, the jobs report still fell below Obama's average and the DOW has tumbled 3 times after this tax cut…..yet here they gather in denial.

Test Channel says:

At least Maxine Waters recognizes what she is – an animal.

Vietnam Veterans Association says:

Why don’t you Trump supporters get a clue and ask yourself why do all the generals hate him? The only general that was with him has now plead guilty to Treason. Also general Kelly has called Trump a moron for the second time and he is quitting the administration for reasons he doesn’t feel Donald Trump is qualified to be president

Jose Villarreal says:

Debt soars under Trump tax cuts. He's in cohorts w Russia to weaken us. On his way out.

n8balla23 says:

Woman in black dress thinks Americans want higher taxes wtf. Maria smacked her though.

Eric says:

Adrienne needs to take ANOTHER big swig from the libtard Kool-Aid pitcher. Pretty soon she'll be drowning in it. Mad Maxine is a disgrace and ROTTEN to the core…completely and absolutely. She may lose her sorry ass in the upcoming election.

Masson H says:

TRUMP economics in numbers:
1. He inherited an economy that had a very high, stable job growth since 2011 (around 200 K) and simply stepped in at the right time.
2. He exploded the deficit with 1,5 trillion during a booming economy (normally that’s when you reduce the debt).
3. This money mainly went to the top 1 %. Wages didn’t go up, but his base (FOX viewers) think he is doing a great job!
4. He calls himself ‘the KING of debt’ and went bankrupt 6 times! If he continuous like this, the US will be in big problem.

Bill Reichold says:

Just another brain dead retard mental midget loon democrap.

Rudy Alfonsus says:

so people of america think that their strong economy is because Trump doing a magical touch in 1,5 year being president?

joseph colling says:


Aqua Stone says:

I agree that the Reps are on thin ice when they denounce Waters for incite full rhetoric since Donald Trump did so also during the campaign. There is one HUGE & IMPORTANT difference though. Everyone knows that the gloves come off during a presidential election campaign. Post election everyone supposedly comes back together and works as a team for we the people. That is why Maxine is sooo way out of line! Maxine is ant America and anti "we the people" because she ignores the election results.

Jay V says:

Roll, Crimson Tide

Gekyume Romello says:

Shit maybe Republicans should take Antifa from the Left so we can win

Random Person says:

Ms. Elrod looks like a gremlin and is full of bs. Dr. Gina is beautiful, intelligent, and logical. Democrats want to take away money from those who earn it.

Tcmtech says:

some entrenched Dem runners in some states are now declaring themselves to be moderates or independants that 'just run under the democratic ticket.

Seems some their own well established power players are trying to put distance between themselves and their party at this point.

Commenter says:

God Bless President Trump. Enjoy the next 6.5 years!

Mark Martin says:

Divide and conquer. Alienate our allies allow north korea to take the south then we become the U.S. of Russia

Willie Sutton says:

Beautiful woman, not too smart though

Redscope says:

Well of course giving a tax breaks to the large companies and the rich was going to create improvement in the economy it also added billions to the American Debt total. These tax cuts are adding 100 billion to the national debt every year. Trump said when he got in power he would wipe out the national debt under trump it has increased growing faster than ever before. This is suppose to be good ? Who is getting the benefits of this 100 billion dollar bonus is this going to the workers ?

The workers are getting little more than average wage increases above inflation and yet thanks to trumps tariffs washing machines and fridges have gone up on average 17%. This is a con job the average america worker is getting screwed over by the rich and the companies. The tarrifs are a tax to pay for the rich and companies tax break.

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