10 Objects Invented Just to Defy The Laws of Physics

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These 10 objects will keep your brain wondering! Some of the coolest inventions we could find that defy the laws of physics!

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10 Objects Invented Just to Defy Physics


Egeslean says:

The mighty mug isn't that great, hit it with a decent amount of force, not a tap like shown here, and it falls over.

Inter-Party Conflict says:

"10 Objects Invented to Make You Think They're Defying the Laws of Physics Even Though They're Not Because Obviously That Wouldn't Make Any Sense" was a bit too wordy of a title, I see

FLAME says:

What about that one machine that recreates a black hole?

Coldsteak says:

wow incredible!!
no not the video,
the amount of clips you stole for the video is incredible.
actually all of the clips you used are incredible
because you didn't fuckn credit them

Alexander McLucas says:

That hydrophobic spray i wonder if its good for leather boots.

Emeric Switch says:

Ok why THAT picture of a cat….

Orange says:

The only thing on this planet that defys physics are gays. they dont like the source of life and yet dont starve to death

Lucas Stritt says:

"Oh guys look at this substance that could be used to literally make any aspect of human life better."
"Whats that? you want it? lOl no fuk u m8, go eat a dongoloid and expire home sloice"

Guy Smith says:

They don't defy physics, they exploit physics.

Mary Nguyen says:


dieresocc says:

the glass is using colored dots to match the drink du

Rudrod95 _ says:

Is that muther-f-ing BAERTAFFY?!

X Gen says:

"To the rational mind nothing is inexplicable, only unexplained."
~Dr Who #4 Tom Baker.

Axolotll says:

nothing here defies the laws of physics

Weepy Teacher68 says:

Bees-that shouldn’t be able to fly

Dihelson Mendonca says:

Hello, could someone post the link to the video on GRAND ILLUSIONS from what supposedly this was copied ?

British Metalworks says:

E0=ymc^2 (Use the proper equation).

Frank H Quincy says:

say goodbye to wet t-shirt contests, ladies your welcome! 🙂

Haseo135 says:

The picture of the lumberjack is Joe Bereta formerly from Sourcefed! XD

psinjo says:

it's kinda funny that they don't mention aerogel, even though that's the thumbnail for it

Kevin Cozens says:

I was watching this and when it got to number 2 I started thinking "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down". 🙂

charles klein jr says:

Umm, didn't we have the webble? I'm sure my spelling is not right, but Webble wobbles but it won't fall down.

Gilbert Cockworthy says:

The narrator should shut the fuck up that yank is doing my head in . blah…blah…blah… FFS!!!!!

KrazyDemon says:

The cipher glass is not sophisticated at all it is just dots matching the color of the drink you are drinking and there are blank spaces to connect the dots

fox society says:

Someone's definitely pissing in that cup! Lol

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