Last Minute Vlog about Worldwake

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Worldwake vlog time! what you guys have going on this weekend?
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mjon35 says:

world wake is really good too bad its not allowed in standard

Adam Thompson says:

looking here and now you look so much more thin boogie 🙂

ominiticgaming says:

Yea! Worldwake! So hyped!

parodilovern says:

world wide wake n bake?
World of Warcraft PvP for life!!!

Chimenko89 says:

Hi Francis.

Ironsolid says:

Frowardkiller, if you love Boogie so much, go perform felatio all over him.

The Code Provider says:

I got jace in my first ever magic pack! i made a video about it. it came with the intro pack. it is the alternate art.

huganemi says:

lol, how old are you?

MrVideosInit says:


just seen ur vids, ur calling this guy a fatass, ur vids prove u still live in ur mums basement!

MrVideosInit says:


probably true but quite harsh

Nathan Taylor says:


Dude, knock it the fuck off.

Amakuni says:

I thought you were kinda a moron watching your other videos, but you're actually quite intelligent.

You'd make a pretty good actor. If I were you I'd give it some thought.

mike labella says:

first worldwake pack i opend i got a jace than i opend onother one and i got Abyssal prosecutor… than i got some other sweet ones…… oh how many jace the mind sculpters were made?

Deathbystupidity says:

i just got back into magic after not playing for 6 years and damn the newer sets are crazy over powered. A friend of mine talked me into playing again, we went to a draft the day worldwake was released. i bought one pack and pulled a Jace. i watch a kid buy a fat pack and he pulled a foil Jace and a normal Jace out of one fat pack

Manos Seferidis says:

I am gonna watch some scifi film :>

elmoz111 says:

dragon age origins…..again….

James L says:

Just drafted ZZW and 3-0'd with a white blue aggro control deck, was a fun day.

LolItsADaniel says:

For the most part I don't see much that is interesting in Worldwake. The new Jace is nice, and Abyssal Persecutor has many many things that could be done with him. I've got my set of him so I shall see where he takes me.

Alex Brynhildarson says:

gonna play magic 😀 i pulled jace in my fatpack :O i had an extra heart beat 😛

Alex Brynhildarson says:

just got back to playing magic got me the vampire intro pack and some boosters and im digging worldwake, i just wished more people played here

KrisKross010 says:

friend bought two booster boxes, not one jace….. other friend bought 3 single packs…. got a holo jace

Yuki Koneko says:

WoW, masturbating, shower, eat , sleep

Then the same thing the next day ^^

Dr. Winterfresh says:

Going skiing with the family this weekend.. not to the Alps or anything.. just a small place in-state. Other than that, Modern Warfare 2 and WoW. i nEEdz teh frosties!

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