Destroying Scammers Computer With Virus

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I managed to get acces to a tech support scammers computer, and deceided to take revenge on them. I unleashed a certain file that rekt their complete computer. A taste of their own medicine! These guys make your screen black and steal whole bank accounts, they really deserve to have this done to them!

We dial all kinds of scammers LIVE non stop 24/7 to raise awareness and to waste their time so they get to scam less people. The more we dial them, the less chance they get to scam someone.

These people make a lot of victims by saying you have virus, hackers, popups, adware, malware infections, spyware, trojans and all sorts of nasty bugs attacking your computer when rely its just a java script popup trying to con you out of YOUR hard earned cash. They are mostly based in India, and not much is done by the authorities…. we try to make a difference! Please subscribe & share this stream to spread the word!

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Join our discord and be part of our fight against the scammers. Our army of scambaiters are growing fast! Lets stop these indian scammers and fraudulent telemarketers. Authorities dont do enough, TIME HAS COME to put matter in our own hands!


Viraj Maan says:

Dayum where did u learn a Hindi cuss word man

Deckard Cain says:

U r a god! We need more people like u against these scammers

Ėm Jåý says:

the app called teamviewer i was to hack in players in game online. but that was long time ago.

Dark PePe says:

1487 butthurt Indians disliked

Adamjt10 3:16 says:


Robert Ogletree says:

Hell yeah got him

John Parks says:

I have a couple of questions I was hoping you could answer out of curiosity:
1) I'm not understanding why the scammer would give anyone access to their own PC (why was this necessary on the scammers part – shouldn't he just take control of your PC and not vice versa?)
2) Is the scammer able to see what you are doing on your screen? In other words, did he see you drag the malware in?
3) How/where did you obtain the malware file (did you code it yourself)? And what does the malware exactly do?

nightwing says:

You are a boss… wow good job my guy

Caleb Lennox says:

Damn that intro

leech says:

i don’t get what he actually did

Rodary Windsor Cleveland says:

HAHAHAHA do they learn FUCK NO.

Sage says:

All the people who disliked are scammers

John Li says:

Another way to when you answer say thank you for calling subway how may I help you

John Li says:

How to annoy scammers when they ask ur address you say I'm at a b c d e f g street street I'm in Antarctica

fitzy says:

need way more people like this guy, awesome video!

Omen says:

i can't stop laughing at these stupid scammers get hijacked itself. LMfaoooo

TRG_LukyanTheGreat says:

Yo, so there's this hacker in a game called Rainbow Six Siege who uploads videos of him hacking and promotes his own boosting site. I was wondering if there was any way to be able to get someone to find his IP and upload a virus that could monitor him and destroy his software. I'll pay for it to happen.

Olly Thomas says:

Well played, Sir!

Sean Bush says:

So I approve of what your doing and all that…. But isn't this a felony?

Mackenzie Ryne Bagtong says:

They got rekt for good.

john creator says:

Do this to all of them!

JEM says:

Rundi Telecom 24/7 LOL

Aka Manti says:

great job man and thank you Sir! <3

Bryan Sabater says:

You destroyed scammer's computer? I'm never disappointed you, but you're good.

gerald myers says:

Sweet gov't needs to give you a medal and a thank you from Congress

John Bufford says:

Nicer can you destroy my sister PC windows 7

Azroth1 says:

Your doing a world a favor hahah

Loren Helgeson says:

"and then give a c…"

And, bye bye! What a piece of shit, this scammer. All of them, really. I have fortunately never had to deal with one of these scammers before, but kudos on the work you are doing.

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