Cancer July 2018 FINALLY! The push you needed!

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Hello loves! My name is Lissette, and I’m using this channel as a tool to connect with those in need of certain messages. I’m passionate about helping shed light on what life may throw at us. I’m a Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon, and Aquarius Rising. I wish nothing but abundance and love for all of you!


Gwen Delighted says:

Thanks for the Birthday Love girl much apprrciated cancer season is just getting started ..I'm july baby!!

Arcie Williams says:

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

Dan Hunter says:

1000% resonates. You are a truly beautiful woman. From the sound of your voice to your amazing skin. My dream girl..

It's Tee says:

Omg I'm dealing with Leo she's an old classmate she's suppose to be a friend but deep down and side I feel like she's a frienimie she's been fake as. HELL

Jody Green says:

Wow right on for me…my husband went to prison this September will be two years….he was ripped from my life and things are going good for me without him….I am making it!

Joe Chin says:

I know it’s a good month… not the best from my intuition. Somehow, your reading gives me a very very good confident. Very clear… and it resonates very well too. Thank you!

Emilie Gehrke says:

I didn’t get pushed, I crawled out of my shell when I was ready… I had to get all my ducks aligned … Because crabs like to go sideways frequently… Instead of forward so it’s important to have some good alignment…
I’m so glad I’m a month ahead of this cuz, this is totally my last several weeks…after months of dedicating sending love, patience & understanding to everyone who abandoned me and broke me in all the right ways…. I have taken responsibility for everything I am responsible for and to the best of my abilities and I am confident and salad with in my heart but I am right where God wants me to be and I am well aware of that so many of the things that used to set me back and keep me from moving forward were caused by things that were going on with in me as a result of how I perceived issues and that awareness help me find balance within past situations which is helping me be balanced in my current day to day routines of implementing all that appears as a viable option that won’t deter my future

Angel Velasco says:

Thank you for the message ❤ I was dealing with a Taurus who was just playing games and I'm throwing the towel. My cousin is introducing me to a friend of hers. I hope it all goes well.

sanja vukelic says:

Thank you! 🙂

silent senses says:

vodka girl, but I got u.

911JRB says:

I love a Lady who likes Patron, I'll have one for you next week. Thanks.

About That Life says:

Thank you for every reading you've expended your energy on. You are awesome! ❤

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