2Pac – Weed & Nicotine (2018)

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✪ 2Pac – Weed & Nicotine (Remix by GalilHD) 2018 / 2019 ✪


Beat produced by K – FIYAT

Thanks to Enter Makaveli for giving me the beat

Absolutely NO COPYRIGHT infringement is intended. All the music in my videos is the sole property of their respective owners. This is for motivational purposes only


Steven Overton says:

I need beats cuz beats like this are definitely me

Steven Overton says:

this was off the makiveli album or parts of the song was right

Ready Good says:

Westside legend real gangster og see u pac

Peppa Pig says:

PAC heads❤️❤️

Brandon Oats says:

Tupac Resurrection

Salim Mandingwe says:

Fuck that world to PAC makaveli 2 PAC dack

Radzig of Kobyla says:

This beat and the voice of 2Pac just dope man. Hope u will do more of these chill beats in the future.

Jamarvin Larue says:

I never heard this from pac cd

Jamarvin Larue says:

Hey that new words pac u alive/when this come out wtf i never had this on pac cd

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