The Disruption of Modern Medicine & Health w/Dr. Michael Sagner

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Medicine is in a bad place right now, and the only way it can change is if a huge disruption takes place. What will the disruption entail? Why are so many people suffering from addiction and escapism? What are the keys to being optimized? On this episode, Dr. Michael Sagner goes deep on these insights in a high-level conversation.

Three Takeaways

– Everything in health is connected.
– Medicine has to be preventive, predictive, personalized, and participatory.
– We have to leverage medical intervention, technology, and science, and make it available for people who want to be healthy.

At the start of the show, Dr. Sagner shares what he sees as the future of medicine, and why medicine as we know it today is going to crumble. We also discussed increasing lifespan, healthspan and performance.

We also discussed:

– The state of global health
– How so many people are living to escape
– How Hollywood manipulates us

There’s nothing left for the current model of healthcare and medicine besides a huge disruption and crash. Technology and consciousness are moving at such a rate and speed that all the old brick and mortar systems cannot survive. It’s so important to stop people from going down the spiral of the sick care model. For this to happen, doctors are going to have to be less like “white coat gods”, and more like bio-engineers who want to help their patients achieve optimization.

Guest Bio-
Dr. Michael Sagner is a medical doctor and sports medicine & preventive medicine specialist. He is also a certified strength and conditioning coach as well as a certified sports nutritionist.

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Dan smith says:

Many drs see people who are proactive as hypochondriacs, especially in countries with socialized medicine.

Tyler Jordan says:

For us older people, look into taking rapamycin – resets many factors of aging. Check out this site for detailed info: (I am not affiliated) … you can buy rapamycin powder on (you will have to make your own capsules – not hard, look into it) Rapamycin must be cycled – only take once every 2-4 weeks depending on age. Again check out that site and read it thoroughly.

Tyler Jordan says:

Great show. Modern doctors are also overwhelmed because there aren't enough to treat the "C" and "D" phase let alone the "B" phase. IMO this is because of the massive cost and restrictions on becoming a doctor and importantly the high level of general education they are required to endure … much of their education could be specialised for example on dealing with the "B" phase diet, exercise, micronutrients, etc … Doctors today though have no incentive to support such a system or to support lower restrictions and allowing more doctors into the system (or rather, into their 'racket'). Docs aren't even trained in diet and nutrients for the most part … so the whole of the "B" phase is outside of their purview.

papa ske says:

Very good talk!
Good flow of topics and info.
Will listen to this podcast again.

Paul Zeus says:

cool guest, a REAL doctor.

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