President Donald Trump Tightens Hold On All Of Government | MSNBC

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Axios’ Nicholas Johnston joins First Look to discuss Thursday’s 1BigThing.
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President Donald Trump Tightens Hold On All Of Government | MSNBC


Janet Percell says:

Does Trumpf look old and fat? Yep!!!

William Ridge Sr. says:

If you let trump choose someone for the Supreme Court Justice, he'll end up choosing Ronald McDonald.

ss says:

Narcissist – In – Chief's Republican Administration, Republican majorities in Congress and Senate, Conservative domination of the Supreme Court. There appears to be no separation of powers. If this doesn't inspire Democrat voters to get out and vote in the Mid-Terms, nothing will. Then, America will descend into a rump fascist state, with Putin as a proxy ruler.

John Lenin says:

Nominees of an illegitimate president are illegitimate. The day Trump goes, they go.

Marcellino Sananto says:

There will be enough democrats to impeach the orange traitor after November. . . If good people get out and vote

bobrobert1123 says:

Dems are doomed, I love it

Robert JD says:

Enabling Act of 2019 here we come.

TheGuerillapatriot says:

BRAVO, kick Obamas saboteurs out.

Traci Robarchek says:

Trump is scared. This why he is acting this way. Destroying anything he can before he leaves.

Bernard Barnett says:

I knew this would try this.

Judy Kinsman says:

Democrats first need to get new and fresh leadership. Quit hijacking progressive candidates, support them. Pelosi and Shumer – go enjoy your senior years. Enjoy that wealth you've accumulated.

Geoff Dodd says:

Clearly that is 'megalomania' at its worst when one leader cannot listen to the intelligent advice of others and bullies government bureaucrats into submission. This situation must be checked by the American people decisively in November 2018.

Jane Doe says:

Trump now owns all three branches of the government thanks to money the the corrupt GOP. The US is a dictatorship and after Trump meets with Putin alone, US citizens will be rounded up starting with nonwhites. This is exactly what Hitler did a systematic destruction of the foundation of Europe. He used lies, threats, immoral and unethical practices, and had his people make oaths to him and Germany. This is Trump and it is terrifying. We citizens can't move out of the country. Trump took care of that by insulting all countries who were friendly and supported the US. We have nowhere to go and it is terrifying. How is this allowed in what was the world's greatest democracy? The Republicans did this. Now our families are in great danger just like the immigrant families. It is all connected.

steven says:

Hey Trumpsters, what about that wall Trump said Mexico would pay for? Why is he asking Congress for $25 BILLION to build it? How about your lower taxes? Trump saved himself around $15 MILLION. You voted for a conman. Nice work people

Christopher Stewart says:

All you people with your left/right paradigm are so outdated as to be a malignancy upon the health of THIS culture.
It is this BI-CAMERAL mind set that is the problem, it breeds and necessitates extremism.
The right are NOT fascists.
The left are NOT marxists.
Anybody who takes their cues from cable tv has already lost.

Kim Coates says:

Trump continues to successfully blurr the lines regarding the separation of powers. This is NOT what democracy looks like. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Legislators have to decide if they want to bow to a King or keep balance and integrity in the highest court in the land. If a moderate judge doesn't fill the vacancy, American justice for all will no longer prevail.

Mellow_Fellow's MGTOW says:

he admires dictators, he wants to convert america to a dictatorship, and the GOP, the new form of a nazi party, support him.

Sidney Michelle says:

We can spend money on walls and war, or health care and education. Which party supports these options? The choice is ours. VOTE!

Sidney Michelle says:

Why is Kennedy leaving now? Wow! Poor timing for this Justice. Is he dying or sick? He can't wait a few months?Doesn't he care about the balance of power?

Sandra Spengler says:

State capture like in South Africa. President Trump allowed to be above the law, with allies who pander to him for financial gain

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