Fasting Research Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine. Is it Right for You? | John Douillard’s LifeSpa

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Fasting Research Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine. Is it Right for You? | John Douillard’s LifeSpa

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The 2016 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Japan’s Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi for his discoveries of the underlying mechanisms of a physiological process called autophagy. Autophagy is a natural process by which the body degrades and recycles damaged cells, proteins and toxins. Autophagy comes from two Greek words, auto meaning “self” and phagy meaning “to eat.”(1)
This is the body’s way of cleaning house. It happens during starvation, calorie restriction and fasting. If the body fails to engage in autophagy, damaged cells and structures can accumulate dangerously. Autophagy is one method that the body uses to naturally neutralize cancer cells and degrade cells infected by harmful bacteria and viruses.


StaryKawaii Co says:

So.. Islam people Fasting for 30 days is not bad thing at all afterall!!

zaini abdullah says:

The living miracle of the Glorious Qur’an in Chapter 2: v184 FASTING

bahadi naoufel says:

the prophet mohamad said' fast and you will be healthy'

Fahim Abdullah says:

proud to be a Muslim. bcz Allah prescribed us to fast.

zahra Noor says:

Thanks alot for sharing this. A lot of doctors talk about eat This and that and i eat too much of everything they say we should eat. Finally i damaged my health and got sick and got all kinds of stomach issues. So sad i killed my digestion system from over eating. Fasting helps a lot. It made my mind clear. And now im traning my body to eat less. Its a struggle

Jack Mehan says:

Hey mister Chiropractor I have a pain rt side of my back it comes and goes could you help me out with that? Thanks

Abdulaziz Aldhaher says:

Muslims must fast in ramadan every year ( around 30 days continues ) and this is not a choice we have to do that or we will be out of the muslim circle ( except the period time for ladies and the sickness if we must take a medicine ) , and our prophet was fasting two days in a week ( Monday and Thursday) and this is a choice if we do it that is good and if we didn’t that will be fine. The fasting should be minutes before sunrise until the sunset. I think because the buddy should be awake and feel the starving. We thought that is because god want the rich people feel the poor people but now I think there is more than one reason.

If you are interested to lesson to some of the Quran with subtitles I suggest to search for this youtube channel ( Omar AlArabi )

Don’t judge the religion by the people in it , if some one made an accident we will blame the driver not the brand of the car.

Peace ✌️

Keto Lin says:

The Nobel prize in 2016 (medicine or physiology) was for autophagy, which happens during fasting. But this does NOT mean he won the Nobel prize for fasting research, honestly dude.

Jim Butler says:

Doctor or not, his message is pretty basic and supported by science.
He is not one of those youtube quacks that provides confusing half facts.
If you want SOILID data with ZERO SALES PITCH…..

Hayden H says:

The Muslim is from the Jew so… BIBLICAL COSMOLOGY IS REAL and that means EARTH IS FLAT.

Abhijeet Safai says:

I did not get much information from this video! Very boring and waste of time!

Illidan Stormrage says:

Michaiel please reply
What do you think about dr nun amen ra & dr sebi diet?

uhadme says:

intermittent fasting is key to weight loss.
1st put off eating as long as you can EVERY time. light snacking helps delay heavy meals.
2nd skip a day of eating each week.. or just eat 1 meal for that day.
last thing is about the lie of 8 glasses of water per day. water weighs 1/2 pound per cup.. drink 2 cups less water per day means you loose 1 pound per day, most of your overall body weight is water.

Mike says:

I have been fasting for three weeks. I do the 4-hour window of eating. Fast 20 hours of the day. I have dropped 22 pounds, I do work out 45min a day between lifting and walking. It was kinda hard the first three days. After those, my body kinda changes the way I eat. So 4pm-8pm is my eating time and I picked this time so I wouldn't feel restricted with family eating time. A couple of things changed for me right away after the second week. One when I sat down to eat with family I tend to eat less because I always break my fast with a salad. then two hours later eat dinner. usually at night, I would eat while watching my shows. Now I feel to stuffed to eat so I just drink water. First thing I think all these doctors forget to tell you is you need to ask yourself why you eat. Then go from there. Most people who can honestly say I only eat when I'm hungry tend to weigh less. I personally ate because of work stress and there is always good food at work. Good luck and drink water

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